A.R.I. - Capri

CQ WW phone 1988
Bruno, IC8JAH & Luca, IC8WIC at pile-up
Tony, IC8WIB during CQ WW phone 1990
Luca, IC8WIC & Tony, IC8WIB, son and father,
during operations from Vetara island (EU 31) in feb 1992

Bruno, IC8JAH & Pasquale, IC8CQF
under 6 meters tent during operations from Vetara island (EU 31) in feb 1992

VHF contests from Monte Solaro, Capri highest point (589 m asl)

Pasquale, IC8CQF setting his 20 el. Shark before contest

Tony, IC8WIB, Giac, IC8FAX & Pasquale, IC8CQF during VHF contest from loc. JN70CN
Sal, IC8SDL (our QSL manager) during operations from Vervece island (EU 31) in feb 1994
Sal, IC8SDL Bruno, IC8JAH & Luca, IC8WIC operating IB8S during WPX phone 1994
Luigi, IC8GVV joins us a little late,while
Bruno, IC8JAH operates at IC8WIB & IC8WIC shack

Luca, IC8WIC during CQWW phone 1994 (40 single op)
Tony, IC8WIB and Peppino, IC8HWN keep frequency clear!!
Pasquale, IC8CQF Bruno, IC8JAH and Luigi, IC8GVV setting up antenna during operations from Monacone rock, close to our island.
Good challenge for our climbers!!

Bruno, IC8JAH Operates form a cave inside Monacone rock
Luigi, IC8GVV keeps the pile-up( where are the others??)
Pasquale, IC8CQF (our CW man) while operating from Faraglioni rocks
Luigi, IC8GVV, before Bermuda Contest at IC8WIB & IC8WIC shack

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