Top Ten Radio Commands

Modern VHF/UHF transceivers have many features and functions. They allow us great flexibility and convenience in the use of our radios. If we don't know how to access and enable/disable them, however, they have the potential of making our rigs unusable. Often, these functions are accessed through a sequence of keypad entries. The problem is that correct keypad entries for given functions are not always obvious.

Here are ten important transceiver functions you may need for emergency communication. Test yourself. Can you perform all ten without your manual? If not, be sure to put a copy of your transceiver operation manual in your "ready kit." Practice accessing each of these regularly. This is especially important if you only occasionally use your rig. Fast, efficient, and reliable operation of your radio will be essential when you take up your communications post.

1. Change frequency.

2. Change band (if you have a multi band transceiver).

3. Change repeater offset: -/+/off (simplex).

4. Enable/disable CTCSS access tone.

5. Change frequency of CTCSS access tone.

6. Enable/disable keypad lock.

7. Enable/disable dial lock.

8. Enable/disable transmit lock.

9. Change transmit power levels.

10. Check battery condition.

Are there important radio commands that are not on this list? If so, please send them to the editor.