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Table of Contents

Memorandum of Understanding

I. Introduction

A. Scope
B. Purpose
C. Operations
D. Commitment

II. Authority

III. Identification

IV. Employment of KARES Members

V. Hold Harmless Clause

VI. Implementation Procedures

A. Notification Process
B. Use of Public Radio Broadcast
C. Procedures for Amateur Radio Operators
D. Demobilization

VII. Authorization

VIII. Tests


Appendix 1: Lists of designated local governmental officials, KARES personnel, and telephone numbers
Appendix 2: KARES Emergency Operations Plan (Service Plan) for Kodiak, Alaska
1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Activating the Plan
4. Mobilization Procedure
5. Net Assignments
6. Operations
7. Drills, Tests, and Alerts
Appendix 3: Radio Frequencies
Appendix 4: Glossary of Terms
Appendix 5: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Part 97, Subparts A and F

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