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146.64 Back on the Air
This is to inform you that the 146.64 repeater is back on the AIR!

    The Amateur Radio repeater that was located at the Alcantra
Armory on
Bogard Rd. in Wasilla, for many years is back on the air at a
location.  Its coverage is not as good but the phone patch is
working great!
    This repeater had been located in at least three other sites in
Palmer / Wasilla area-many years before it was installed at the
Armory location.  The Ham Radio Operators in the area were invited
to move
it to this location by The Alaska Division of Emergency Services
(ADES) as
it was thought it would provide better coverage for emergency
throughout the MAT-SU Borough.  This proved most valuable during
Miller's Reach wild fire when The Amateur Radio Emergency Service
used it to support the American Red Cross and Salvation Army.  It
is my
understanding The Alaska State Defense Forces (ASDF) also used it
at this
time.  I know they, ASDF, have used it many times for drills and
demonstrations, such as the Governor's Picnic at the Denali Park
their summer encampment at the Wasilla Airport, and others.
Members of The
Matanuska Amateur Radio Association (MARA) have used it to support
American Red Cross on many occasions including the Search and
Rescue of
overdue hikers on Pioneer Peak in the Knik River Valley, the
Eklutna Lake
Forest Fire, and Snowmobilers caught in an Avalanche at Hatcher's
They have also used it to provide communications for numerous
events such as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Walk For Hope, Boy
outings, and many others.
    This repeater needs to be located on a tower that is somewhere
Palmer and Wasilla has AC power, phone line, and is easily
accessible to the
volunteers that maintain it.  The host needs to be somewhat
familiar with
Amateur Radio, supportive, and appreciative of the Amateur Radio
that donate thousands of hours and thousands of their own dollars
every year
to provide communications for emergencies and community events.  If
you know
of any tower or site that would be suitable and supportive, please
Nate Smith, (907) 745-3128, [email protected]
Frank Knapp, (907) 746-2444, [email protected]
Dan O'Barr, (907) 373-2569, [email protected]

Sincerely, Dan O'Barr WL7BD

Last modified: Mon Apr 30 16:10:39 AKDT 2001