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2001 Iditarod Start
1. Nature of activity (Check one).
Special exercise. Amateurs supplied communications for a parade, race, etc.

2. Brief description of activity:  
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Ceremonial Start

3. Places or areas involved:  
Anchorage, AlaskaAnchorage, AK; Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska 

4. Number of amateurs participating:  

5. Event start date/time:  
3 Mar 01/0530L	

6. Event end date/time:  
3 Mar 01/1700L

7. Duration of event (hours):  

8. Total man-hours:  

9. Number of repeaters used:  

10. Estimated manpower cost: (man-hours times $10/hr) 

11. Estimated cost of equipment used: (hand-helds, repeaters, etc.)  

12. Total estimated cost of service: (add amounts from lines 10 and 11)  

13. Nets and/or frequencies used (including repeater call signs):  
Repeaters:  KL7AIR, 146.67(-) and KL7ION, 147.30(+) for trail traffic.  
Simplex:  146.52 for general start traffic; GMRS and FRS radios for dog team 
staging coordination traffic.

14. Number of messages handled:  
2070 (conservative estimate of three messages per minute for the duration 
over all nets)

15. Names of agencies receiving communications support:  
Iditarod Trail Committee

16. Please list call signs of amateurs who were major participants: 

17. Other comments:  
After the ceremonial start, the race resumed on the following day at Willow, 
Alaska and continued for approximately two weeks to the finish in Nome, Alaska.

Name of Amateur Radio organization providing service:  
Members and equipment support from the three clubs in Anchorage:  Elmendorf 
Amateur Radio Society (KL7AIR), Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (KL7AA), 
Southcentral Radio Club (KL7G).South Central Radio Club, Anchorage Amateur 
Radio Club, ARES

Location of organization: City or town:  Elmendorf AFB/Anchorage	
State: AK

Your name:  John Wolfe	 Call sign: AANN 

Address:  P.O. Box 6265
	    Elmendorf AFB, AK  99506

ARRL appointment, if any:  N/A	

E-mail address:  [email protected]

Telephone: (907) 552-1056	(907) 373-7880
		(days) 				(evenings)

I attest that the information provided above is complete and true to the best 
of my knowledge.

Dan O'Barr, WL7BD at finish line communications center, Campbell Airstrip, Anchorage, Alaska

Jerry Schmitt, KK5YY on the Iditarod Trail in the ghost town of Ophir, Alaska, as he makes his first contact with Stadbergen Island via AMSAT.
The comm center consisted of a VHF/UHF amateur radio, telephones and a broadband internet connection via a wireless PCS (Personal Communications System) link.
A dog team as it crosses the finish line of the ceremonial start in Anchorage.

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