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2001 Anchorage Gold Nugget Women's Triathlon
 1. Nature of activity:
Special exercise

 2. Brief description of activity:
Communcations Support for the 2001 Anchorage Gold Nugget 
Women's Triathlon

 3. Places or areas involved:
Barlett High School, Portions of Elmendorf Air Base,
and portions of Fort Richardson Army Base

 4. Number of amateurs participating:

 5. Event start date/time:
20 May 2001 @0830

 6. Event end date/time:
20 May 2001 @1630

 7. Duration of event:
8 hours

 8. Total man-hours:

 9. Number of repeaters used:

10. Estimated manpower cost (man-hours times $10/hr):

11. Estimated cost of equipment used (hand-helds, 
repeaters, etc.):

12. Total estimated cost of service (add amounts from 
lines 10 and 11):

13. Nets and/or frequencies used (including repeater 
call signs):
146.37/97 KL7CC repeater used for all communications

14. Number of messages handled:
Continuous tactical traffic

15. Names of agencies receiving communications support:
Management of the Gold Nugget Triathlon

16. Please list call signs of amateurs who were major 

17. Other comments:
The purpose of the requested communications was to 
facilitate logistical and safety communications for the 
2001 running of the Anchorage Gold Nugget Women's 
Triathlon. The requirements were more stringent this 
year, since the race is, for the first time, an official 
qualifying race for the National Triathlon Association. 
This was provided by having at first one then two extra 
hams running messages in the headquarters area. The only 
medical event of any consequence was a young lady who ran 
out of steam and was speedily picked up by race personnel.

Special thanks to Susan Woods NL7NN, for acting as net 
control and to Mike Borer WL7CKB for help in volunteer 

Name of Amateur Radio organization providing service:
Anchorage Amateur Radio Club, South Central Amateur Radio 
Club, Alaska ARES District 7

Location of organization:
Anchorage AK

Your name and callsign:
Paul M. Spatzek, WL7BF

Your address and telephone:
2907 LaHonda Drive #45
Anchorage, AK 99517

ARRL appointment(s), if any:
Technical Specialist for APRS

Your email address:
[email protected]


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