About This Form

Amateur Radio donates thousands of man hours of supplementary public service communications in civil emergencies, official drills and events such as parades and marathons each year. Such events show Amateur Radio in its best light, and it is critically important that ARRL bring documentation of this public service work to the attention of the Congress, the FCC and other public officials. Your information below is an important addition to the record. Please complete and return this form to the Public Service Branch at ARRL Headquarters. Thank you.

1. Nature of activity.

X Special exercise. Amateurs supplied communications for a parade, race, etc.

2. Brief description of activity: Communications Support to the American Lung Association Clean Air Challenge Bike Trek.

3. Places or areas involved: Along the Parks Highway from Houston High School to Talkeetna on Saturday and Talkeetna to Mary’s McKinley View Lodge on Sunday.

4. Number of amateurs participating: 8

5. Event start date/time: May 13,2000 0700L     6. Event end date/time: May 14, 2000 1800L

7. Duration of event (hours): 11 + 11 = 22        8. Total man-hours: 176

9. Number of repeaters used: 2

10. Estimated manpower cost: $1,760 (man-hours times $10/hr)

11. Estimated cost of equipment used: $10,200 (hand-helds, repeaters, etc.)

12. Total estimated cost of service: $11,960 (add amounts from lines 10 and 11)

13. Nets and/or frequencies used (including repeater call signs):
KL7DJE repeater 147.09/147.69 MHz
AA0NN repeater, 145.49/144.89 MHz
Simplex 146.52 MHz.

14. Number of messages handled: Continuous tactical traffic.

15. Names of agencies receiving communications support: American Lung Association.

16. Please list call signs of amateurs who were major participants: KL0EO, KL0CY, WL7BD, KL7HHO, KL0TS, KL0QW, WL7CES, KL7TQ, KL7EB

17. Other comments: Event supported about 240 bicyclists, each riding 107 miles in the two days .

Name of Amateur Radio organization providing service: ARES Alaska District 7, Anchorage Amateur Radio Club and Matanuska Amateur Radio Association

Location of organization: City or town: Anchorage and Wasilla State: AK

Your name: John Lynn                  Call sign: KL0CY

Address: 7013 Trafford Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99504

ARRL appointment, if any: ARES & BCSN Net Manager

e-mail address: [email protected]

Telephone: (907)337-1091

I attest that the information provided above is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

John E. Lynn Jr                                                                                                                      May 22, 2000