Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Illinois ARES®

Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

State of Illinois
American Radio Relay League

Brad Pioveson, W9FX

Illinois Section Emergency Coordinator

Illinois ARES® is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® in the Illinois Section.
The Illinois Section is part of the Central Division of the
American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

Greetings to all, and welcome to the old Illinois ARES® webpages.

A new web page for Illinois ARES is available - click on the following link image to take you there.
ILARES image from new web page

More current information about ARES® and the ARRLwill be posted at the new Illinois ARES web pages on how  to contact our amateur radio service that provides free emergency communication support for our served agencies throughout the state of Illinois.

Many of the old web pages and links here have been be removed, since the new site is up and running.
The many former links and references have been superceded with the new ARRL web pages and are no longer valid for reference, and also have been removed.

 It has been a pleasure to serve both ARES and the public here.

Pat Ryan KC6VVT,
former ARES-IL web page author.
QST New Illinois ARES web pages, see link on this page! QST "ARES IL SECTION HF Net 3905 MHz LSB 1630L 1st & 3rd SUN and anytime during emergencies". QST QST QST "When all else fails, AMATEUR RADIO"

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Thank you for your visit, and your interest in the Illinois ARES®.

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