Arapahoe County ARES Points of Contact

For registration information, contact the Emergency Coordinator below.

Position Name Call and E-Mail
Emergency Coordinator David Markham


Operations Officer Dan Meyer NØPUF
Logistics Officer Chris Krengel


Administration and Finance Officer Emit Hurdelbrink


Training and Planning Officer Curtis Willoughby KAØVBA
Technical Operations Officer Mike Manes


Public Information Officer Peter Meer KCØVAQ


District 22 ARES Nets and Frequencies

VHF Nets: Sunday mornings at 09:30 (local) on the 146.880- Denver Radio League repeater.

Frequency Operator Purpose
146.880- Denver Radio League Primary repeater
146.640- Denver Radio League Backup repeater
147.120+ Aurora Repeater Assoc. Secondary repeater (88.5 CTCSS tone)
449.600- Denver Radio League Primary UHF Repeater (IRLP)
449.450- Rocky Mountain Radio League Secondary UHF Repeater
449.225- Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Secondary UHF Repeater (141.3 PL)
449.625- Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Secondary UHF Repeater (141.3 PL) (IRLP)
448.500- Castle Rock Repeater Group Secondary UHF Repeater
3.935 MHz HF Primary HF frequency
147.555 VHF Primary VHF simplex frequency
145.050 Denver Radio League Primary Packet frequency (DRLBBS)
145.050 N0PUF Packet Cluster  
446.125 UHF Primary UHF Simplex
146.880 VHF Simplex to monitor if there is a repeater failure

Other ARES Nets:

Colorado Section ARES HF Net: Sundays at 08:00 (local) on 3928 KHz (voice)

Colorado Section VHF Net: Sundays at 08:30 (local) on 145.310 MHz on the Colorado Connection Repeater System (123.0 Hz CTCSS tone required).