The following images were received on 145.985 FM. Antennas used were a Ringo Ranger or a
4 ele vert. yagi. The software used was Chroma PIX (see link below). Using a 16 bit pc sound card.
There is no set sked  for SSTV images from MIR so it's a wait and see type of thing. I believe the
new MIR crew has a ham aboard so hopefully we will get some inside pictures as well. Prior
to this I think the system was in a automatic mode as there was not a ham aboard.

  Received 2/22/99  9:46am

  2/15/99  5:43pm

  2/9/99  4:29pm

  2/14/99  3:41pm

Below is a screen capture of the Chroma PIX program used to copy the SSTV pics from Mir.
Available for download at


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