Field Day 98 at the ARA Site

Field Day is always a great time for all that attend. We had a good turn out, and beleive it or not, it didn't rain! This year we also had a ham / garage sale at the field day site. As always there was a good time to be had by all that attended. Thanks to all that helped out!

Note: The pictures on this page are 16 million color JPG'sFor best results, view in Hi Color 16 bit or better!

Here are the 1998 Field Day Results!

80m CW 38
80m Phone 77

40m CW 110
40m Phone 170

20m CW 0
20m Phone 154

15m CW 0
15m Phone 46

6m CW 0
6m SSB 0

Total Score (Less Bonuses): 1486

1998 Field Day Pictures




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