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 10 Jan 2001

Simon Lewis GM4PLM

Amsat DSP Webmaster

Welcome to the AMSAT DSP Satellite 

Tranceiver Project Homepage

These pages are for designed to support members of the project team and for the promulgation of information to interested parties.

The DSP Satellite Transceiver is a conceptual transceiver designed as a dedicated unit for amateur satellite operators. The initial concept was brought about by the lack of satellite functionality on modern amateur radio transceivers, and the specialized requirements of the ham radio operator who utilizes OSCAR amateur satellites. 

These pages are written to achieve a number of requirements. These are:

  • to provide a centralized area for the promulgation of concept ideas and information to project team members and the general amateur population.
  • provision of a centralized online project documentation archive.
  • to provide a global media platform that encourages the publication of relevant project material.
  • to stimulate and encourage the design, development and production of a DSP based, dedicated satellite transceiver for the global amateur satellite community.    

Regular updates to these pages will be made, as progress to the development, design and (hopeful) eventual publication of project hardware and associated software is made. 

Please keep a regular eye on the pages as they may change with little or no notice!

Items for inclusion are positively encouraged, as are comments and suggestions regards content and layout. Remember - these are your pages, for your project. I am merely acting as a focal point for administering these pages.


Simon Lewis GM4PLM 

Amsat DSP Radio Project Page Webmaster


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These pages are made possible by the kind donation of Webspace by K3TKJ and the organization. I thank Al Waller personally for this contribution to the AMSAT DSP  project.

73 Simon GM4PLM

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