Los Angeles Packet Cluster Reports as of Fri Mar 10 14:35:06 2017

DX deQSXStationNotesTimeBearing
W6SAN: 21080.0 E51DWC RTTY simplex 2235Z73
KN7D: 14313.0 KN7D WWFF KFF-3094 Utah Lake SP 2228Z DN4171
N6DBF: 18102.0 JA1OTT JT65, -19 in SoCal 2226Z DM13305
NQ7R: 14017.6 7N1PRD/0 Joe 599 AZ 2224Z DM42305
AB6MB: 14254.0 K6WDE/KH6 POTA KFF-0037 HI 2215Z260
VE7DXF: 14260.0 VE7DXF cq cq ja 2213Z60
N6CPL: 14024.0 5U5R Tnx for new mode up 4 2212Z CN8260
N6DBF: 18102.0 JF2VVQ JT65, -22 in SoCal 2210Z DM13305
K6YK: 14071.7 TU7C QSX UP about .2 or so 2155Z71
KF7TLL: 18155.0 TU7C up 5 THNX 2149Z71
K6WDE: 14254.0 K6WDE/KH6 WWFF KFF-0037, HVNP 2141Z260
NJ7Y: 18085.0 YV5DRN 579 QSB in FL 2121Z104
AI6DO: 21081.0 E51DWC TU 599 in CA RTTY simplex not 2103Z73
KC7ZON: 28420.0 CX8DS 2100Z DM42133
K7ABV: 14024.0 5U5R wked on .030 2059Z60
ND7J: 18155.0 TU7C 2052Z EM8571
W6LEN: 14254.0 K6WDE/KH6 KFF-0037 2049Z260
K6WDE: 14254.0 K6WDE/KH6 moved .... KFF-0037 2043Z260
NJ6W: 14241.0 KD0IRW kff0818 gd sig N CA 2038Z71

Last WWV Report

WWV de W0MU <21>: SFI=71, A=12, K=1, No Storms -> No Storms
This page is updated at irregular intervals - rarely oftener than every five minutes, but WILL NOT be updated in the absense of new spots. Spots more than two hours old are dropped at the next update. Currently it will auto-update in many browsers every 15 minutes Input is from a TNC at AK6I monitoring the Los Angeles packet cluster station K6SY located near LAX. For now this is an experimental service which is a side effect of an effort to develop a logging program for Linux. Email [email protected] if you're interested.
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