Callsign maps for extra calls Oct 17, 2012

This page is a link to a collection of maps showing the status of all US 1x2 and 2x1 calls in a very concise format. These were produced by processing the full weekly FCC database dump of the amateur database. Here is a small sample of a maps and how to interpret it:
The first row of mostly Xs shows that calls KA6A, KA6B through KA6I, and so on are currently assigned calls. The blank space in the second row shows that KB6W was available on April 7th. The 8s in the A row indicate that KA6J and KA6O were de-activated in 1998. This could be because they expired, were vacated when the holders got new calls or the holder passed away. 9s and 0s denote the same in 1999 and 2000. Two years after a call has been vacated, it is eligible for reassignment (sooner if Gate 1 rules apply to you and the call). You can get a pretty good idea of the current status of one of these call signs with the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, ham radio club callsign server at Remember that 2x1 calls in which the second letter is H, L or P will only be assigned to licensees in the Pacific, Alaska or Caribbean Islands, respectively.

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