American Amateur radio station


 Demitri Garazha


I'm using trcvr Yaesu FT-1000 MP with all filters installed, plus home brew amplifier with russian tube GU-84B on HF bands and Icom -706 MK IIG for VHF and when I'm mobile

My antennas:

3 el. Yagi on 10/15/20

Gap "Titan" on 28/24/21/18/14/10/7/3.5

3 el. Yagi on 50 Mhz

5 el.Yagi on 144 Mhz

5 el. Yagi on 440 Mhz

I was born on South part of Ukraine, in small towh - Izmail, located on the border with Romania  .Ham radio became my first hobby  in 1987 . I loved to build different transceivers, to install different antennas, and   also   I loved to built different tube amplifiers.     My  father  was   some-how related   by   is profession with radio, he wached me from the side and some times he complained that HAM-radio is waist of time. However Many years later, when my Mom past away in 1999, he was very depressed, he didn't change his mined about radio, but finally he decided to get license.  Since 2002 his call sign- UR5FKZ When I came to America in 1996  I got my first call sign in US  - KC2AIY. My ex call-sign in Ukraine was UR5FBG