AI8W's HAM Page
(ex KR8LR, AB8LR and KC8RKQ)


I've been a HAM since 10 May, 2001. I upgraded to Extra Class on 11 November, 2001.

I've built my own Antenna for 2M.

I've also built my own CW key.

Here are some pictures of the antennas on my old truck. Unfortunately, this truck has been sold and another has been bought, so I'm in the process of transferring/reworking the system to fit on the new truck. This is what I run for CB, HF, 2M, APRS, and 440. Look closely, there is a smallish wire that is part of the HF "Horseshoe with Fangs" antenna loop. The pictures are rather large, so be prepared for a long download if you're not on broadband. Many thanks to Duane, KX8D, at for taking the pictures.

Here is a link I found for information about talking to the International Space Station .

A recording of K0RIC on the W.A.R. (We Ain't Right) net being extremely funny can be found here .

Here's a sound test for Brad, N8QQ , testing his compression on his rig.

State Scanner Laws

This section is a list of clickable links to applicable state scanner laws. The list is currently incomplete, but I'll be adding the links as I find them. Why do you need these? Your 2M rig is capable of receiving police frequencies, and is covered under the statutes. You must carry a copy of your license to show the officer, and carrying a copy of these statutes may get you out of a bind. I hope you find these helpful. I've had need to use these in my job, and they've saved me from a ticket and confiscation of my equipment.

Scanners in Motor Vehicles

Florida    Indiana    Kentucky    Michigan    Minnesota    New York

Improper use of Scanners

California    Minnesota    Nebraska    New Jersey    New York    Oklahoma    Vermont    West Virginia

73 de AI8W, Chris