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Serving Somerset and Cambria Counties in Pennsylvania and Beyond with V.H.F. & U.H.F. Amateur Radio Repeater's
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The Allegheny Highlands Repeater Association is a part sponsor of the
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What is the AHRA ?

The Allegheny Highlands Repeater Association is a non-profit group formed for the sole purpose of maintaining the many repeater systems, both voice and digital, within the AHRA and associated equipment. Associated equipment includes the Target Repeater System, The North - South UHF Repeater System, The 147.105 WJ3V repeater in Deep Creek Lake MD, the 147.225 KA3BFI repeater near Seven Springs, PA, The Hilltop Repeater Association's 147.375 N3AGW Repeater in Johnstown, and the CVARC's 145.390 WA3WGN repeater in Johnstown PA. 
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AHRA Repeater Locations Regional Topographical layout

AHRA Repeater Callsign's

146.835 W3KKC Repeater Coverage Area

This is a wide area coverage repeater, covering Northern Maryland, East Central Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Panhandle and northern WestVirginia.

This repeater's output power is a mere 15 watts into a 6 dB gain exposed dipole (4 bay double dipole array). This relates to an E.R.P. of 60 watts. 

145.270- WV3A Repeater Coverage Area

This repeater is our other wide area coverage repeater. Located atop the Allegheny's at over 3000' elevation, 27's coverage area extends from Northern Virginia, to West central Maryland, Western Pennsylvania and Northeastern West Virginia.

This repeater's output power is 250 watts, subtracting feedline and duplexer losses, we get over 175 watts into the 6.1 db gain stick. Our E.R.P. here is 750 Watts ! This repeater has five receiver sites (1 Main and 4 Remote) and an advanced microprocessor controlled voter for enhanced receive coverage for mobiles and portables. All you have to do to use the satellite receive sites is to encode a PL of 123 Hz. Advanced description.

Other Repeaters

The following repeaters are located in or nearby Somerset County area and are usable in the Somerset PA area. All of the Two Meter machines in Somerset County are using PL 123 Hz:

Repeater Information

Regional Repeater List

Repeater Frequency, PL Tone, Remote Receiver(s) Owner  Repeater Callsign Repeater Location
146.625- Is linked to 147.24 in Frostburg MD. PL 123 Hz on both machines. W3KKC WA3MYA Allegheny Mountain Extension
PL 123.0 Hz 
Main Receiver at Hays Mill, PA 

Satellite Remote Receive Sites, 

Cumberland MD Receiver, PL 123.0 Hz 

Somerset PA Receiver, PL 123.0 Hz 

Seven Springs PA Receiver, PL 123.0 Hz 

Oakland MD Receiver, PL 123.0 Hz 

see advanced description

W3KKC WV3A Hays Mill 
Allegheny Mountain 
Privately owned site.
443.575+ KE3UC /
KE3UC Allegheny Mountain
147.240+  PL 123 Hz KK3L KK3L Big Savage Mountain
145.390-   PL 123 Hz W3KKC W3KKC Somerset / Jst. PA
147.195+   PL 123 Hz 
The Somerset County Amateur Radio Club Inc.

PL 123 Hz

444.375+   PL 107.2 Hz W3KKC W3KKC Hays Mill 
146.745-  PL 123 Hz KK3L KK3L Cacapon Mountain
147.015+   PL 127.3 KA3JSD KA3JSD Laurel Mountain
224.52-    No PL W3KKC KK3L Big Savage Mountain
29.520/620 KK3L KK3L Split Site: Tx at Dans/Rx at Big Savage

The 145.27- repeater has the most user features of all the repeaters in the Association. Besides having 250 watts of output power and several satellite receivers, the 145.27 has the the capability to link to fiveamateur bands: 10, 6, 2, 1.25 meters, and 70 centimeters; in addition, regular autopatch, autodial slots, or "speed dial" slots are available for members by request.

A note about operating practice for our Target link system.


Be Attentive to the amount of time you use the system during a given day, there by allowing more amateurs opportunity to use our system. Be courteous to your fellow operators while using our system. Long winded QSO'S discourage other users from using the system. Due to the nature and wide coverage of the system, when one repeater is in use for a extended period this is also tying up many repeaters. Many of this type of ragchews could just as easily be carried out on simplex or other repeaters that are not part of a wide coverage link system, like 145.27. Also be aware that what you say on the system can be heard over many thousand square miles. Technically our system is excellent, Many people have put a lot of time, effort, and money in the system to make it work.  However how we use the system can make or break the effectiveness of the system.
  Kevin Custer W3KKC, Responsible comments welcome, E-Mail Kevin

How to become a member of AHRA

If you wish to be a part of AHRA please contact Kevin (W3KKC) or send a postcard to:

PO Box 146
Friedens, PA 15541-0146

or email Kevin.

The Association's repeaters are open for all properly licensed, competent operators to use. However, donations are appreciated for upkeep of the system. Memberships in AHRA run from January 1st to January 1st. Any comments regarding the repeater operation is welcome. The only requirement to use the systems is to follow all rules and regulations regarding the amateur service, and be courteous to your fellow operators while using our system. We also ask that 11 meter habits be left on 11 meters. 

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