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Hi my name is Bob (AH6MU), and welcome to my ham page. For the last year or so I have been runing my ham radio equipment independent of the power grid, except for the SB220 amp. @ left a picture of me and some of my solar panels, the small one is 5 watts also two 10 watters and one 50 watt. Also a picture of a regulator I made from salvaged computer monitor parts. The 3 diodes are used to adjust the regulation to 13.8 volts. The pannels are set in my window and keep my large marine batteries charged.

A cheap wind generator for chargeing a 12v battery. The fans were salvaged from a junk pile, and the motors are rebuilt with permanent magnets in the rotor. Also a tail was aded to keep the generator pointing into the wind. A bridge rectifier is aded to convert output to direct current. The first two pictures are of the same fan, second picture shows the fan blades trimed and shorter tail also lighting two lamps @ 24 volts. Therd and forth picture are mods to a second fan.

Copper wind generator. Also Epson printer steping motor shown as low RPM generator powering a 12 volt lamp.

This is one of the antennas I use on 40m at night. It is made from 1/4 inch copper tubing, PVC pipe and a 72" Radio Shack telescopic ant at the top , and covers from 40m to 6m, click image to zoom in.

This is the same antenna mounted on my window frame at night. Useing a 102" CB whip instead of the 72" Radio Shack. Also a picture of the setup with my Yeasu ft 817, MFJ tuner, 140 watt amp with AMD heatsink, and JPS NIR-12 DSP all cramed into a Sony camcorder case. The S meter on the 817 is pushed to 8 by K0KDT.

This is my CAT interface with the FT 817. It has some problems, verry unstable and sometimes muffled audio when the radio is on or off. I am working on geting it purrrrrfect. The last two pictures are of a better working setup.

Just a note on how well the ft817 fits into a drive bay on a computer!.

The SB220 with vacuum var cap mod, Also new diode board to set bais voltage can be seen in second picture. Last picture is what hapend to my screwdriver type antenna when runing 1400 watts with hi level long winded audio, 1kw was ok, oops.

This is a high Q loop for 2m and one for 6m made out of the same copper tubing usued in the above antenna. With feed loop inside the main loop.

At left is a test high Q loop for 10m to 40m made out of 1/2" copper tubing, and a make shift tuning cap. The loop is 3' in diameter, also Dimond Head in the background. And to the right is the same size loop useing 3/4" pipe and a better capacitor at the top.

This is a tuning capacitor for the hi Q loop made from sheet copper and copper pipe. I plan to use more braid on the hinge to overcome RF resistance.

This is an audio compressor mic I made for the Yaesu ft 817 useing the SSM2165 IC chip from Analog Devices Inc. Also a picture of the front and back of mic in a Radioshack battery box.

This is a 40m low pass filter I built to use on a 140 watt amp for the ft 817.

Pictures of portable setups for the ft 817 and the ft 1500m. In the middle picture you can see the 140 watt amp useing an AMD heatsink/fan and the Motorola hand mic pluged into the FT 817.

This is a small EH antenna I built for the 2m band, and a large 40m version. And the last picture is my new 15 meter EH useing 1/2 inch PVC and L+T phasing network. to learn more check out www.eh-antenna.com.

This was my screwdriver type antenna. 12 g copper wire wrapped on pvc pipe and an outer copper pipe sleeve, rough cut. The second picture shows how I spaced the windings using nylon string. third and fourth picture show outer copper and coil laminated with epoxy. Coil is ajusted in or out to tune antenna. And last 3 pictures are compleated coil with top and bottom 3/8x24 thread mount. Also tuned for 40m at night and 15m at day.

A picture taken from the roof looking down at my antenna mounted on the window frame. It is about 110 feet from the antenna to the swiming pool and the 72" Radio Shack whip is fully extended in the horizontal plane, coil is tuned for 20 meters.

More pictures on the roof with a base extention added to the antenna.

The coil I keep turning back to is the Big Coil. It's the only coil that dosn't warm up @ 1KW+. You can see the ball joint used to ajust the angle straight out to the horizon, and the heavy duty clip for taping the coil. The tap in this picture is set for the 15 meter band and at night I set the tap near the base of the coil for 40 meters 7228 khz. The top element is a 72 inch telescopic wip from RadioShack. The antenna is about 8 feet out from the window to the tip. Also shown mounted on my Go-Metro. Last two pictures is my 80 meter coil, 54 turns, 5 inch dia and over 2 feet long using 1/4 inch copper tubing.

A picture of the best working 40 meter mobile setup to date using 1/2 inch copper tubing for extentions and a 20 inch hat.

Two shots of my portable umbrella hi Q loop using 4 meters of RG-223 cable, home brew cap @ the top and gamma match @ the bottom. Umbrella is made of graphite and my very first QSO from this antenna was in the 20 meter band with OZ1ADL using only 4.5 watts out of my FT-817.The antenna will tune from 12.5mhz to 25mhz. Also a picture of my larger loop for 40 meters using 12 meters of RG-223.

Three shots of my portable stand. Yes once again The Home Depot comes through. Useing 1/2" electrical metalic tubing, 1-1/2" pvc pipe and 1/4" nuts and bolts all for under $10. The push pole and stand combo is over 14 feet in hight. Last shot is of the complete 40 meter setup @ ground level.

Pictures of my new 300 watt amp using a pair of 2SC2879s.


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