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Coleen AG7K

I live in the wonderful state of Montana.  We call it The Big Sky Country.  I live in Great Falls, which until the 2000 Census, was the 2nd largest city in the state.  We were beat out by Missoula by a few thousand people or so.  I have lived in Montana since 1984 when I moved here from Gillette, WY.  I lived outside of Missoula in a little town called Lolo.  I moved to Helena in 1985 and lived there for about 1 1/2 years and moved to Anaconda in 1986.  From there I moved to Great Falls in 1987 and have pretty much been here since.  I have 3 wonderful boys of my own.  Robert Jr. who we call J.R., is 12, Sean who is 10, and Jaron who is 7 1/2.  I also have 2 stepchildren.  Mya, my stepdaughter, is 13, and R.J., my stepson, is 9 1/2.  My husband, Bob is the love of my life.  He is a terrific man.  I met him in 1994 where he worked.  He talked me into going to school at a technical college where he was also attending in the Electronics Program.  I started in the Electronics program and Bob became my tutor.  I then switched over to the Business program and that is where I completed all of my classes.  The two of us became very close and in 1995 we were married.  Bob has been my inspiration for all of the things I have accomplished in the last 6 1/2 years.  In 1999, we decided that we should buy a house, so after looking at several houses, we found one that would suit our needs with all of our kids and all of the things that we accumulated over the years.  I have been a ham since 1995.  I was a Technician for about three years.  I was KC7LRF.  I then changed my call sign to a vanity.  My vanity call sign was K7LRF and I held that from March,1999 until April, 2001.  In February, 2001, I decided that it was time to upgrade, so on February 6, 2001, I tested to become a General Class Op and passed.  I told myself and Bob (N7CZ) that if I passed the General, I would study for the Extra so that I could take it in March.  Well,  I did study but only after Bob reminded me that there was only two weeks left before the next test.  I had to go to Helena to take the test and I was a bundle of nerves because I had to spend the whole day there before I could take the test because Bob had some things he had to do.  Once I got to the test site, I had to wait even longer because the VEC was late.  Testing was suppose to be at 6:30 pm and that night it started at 7:00 pm because the VEC had a prior commitment.  I was finally able to take the test and passed it with flying colors.  I have to give special thanks to the Helena Radio Club for having me at their testing that night.  I also have to thank the Great Falls Radio Club for letting me skip our club meeting to go to Helena.  I am the Treasurer for the Great Falls Club.  I have been for 2 years running.  I will have pictures and links to some of my favorite sites up soon so stay tuned.