Welcome to Ham Radio from Brian AG6GX

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Mentoring Activities

I have participated in the ARRL Pacificon convention for two years in giving presentations on HAM radio operation, proceedures, kit building and activities.

Here is a web link for Pacificon_ARES_RACES_10_16_2021.pdf

Here is a web link for Pacificon_10_16_2021_Covid.pdf

Here is a web link for Pacificon_2018

Here is a web link for Pacificon_2019

My previous activities

Started with getting my Tech license in 1995 and was active in the VHF and UHF bands initially.

Got active in HF operation in in 2013 - Initially using a Yeasu FT840 and then later with a Elecraft KX3 / HF projects Super Packer Pro 100W amp

Presently using a 4 band fan dipole (home brew design) cut for 80M/40M/20M/10M

Here is a web link for My_Ham_Radio_Jurney circa 2017.

Check out my QRZ page for at AG6GX links to the URL www.qrz.com/db/AG6GX

ARES Activities

I have participated in the Cupertino ARES group (CARES) at CARES as well as the city ARES net Cupertino_Net on every Tuesday night at 19:45 hours Pacific time. The frequency is 145.570MHz simplex, PL is 151.4Hz. and the City of San Jose ARES group at S_J_ARES and the County of Santa Clara ARES group at S_C_Co_ARES

VHF Net Operations

9:00AM talk net at 9_AM_Talk_Net on N6NFI repeater at N6NFI where I am the net control operator (host) on Wednesday mornings. The net also is supported by an Echolink link. The Net runs every weekday at 9:00AM pacific time.

Run Santa Clara County packet radio net control every first and fourth Tuesday of the month to support packet radio operations for the County ARES group. Link is Packet_Net

HF Net Operations

Western Country Cousins Net at W6CCN on 3.970MHZ LSB at 9:00PM Pacific time every day where I am the net control operator (host) on alternate Friday evenings.

Santa Clara County ARES 80M HF Net at 80M_S_C_Co_Net on every Tuesday night except the third Tuesday of the month at 20:30 hours Pacific time. The frequency is 3.878MHz LSB.

Build Projects

Completed build and debug of HF 100W solid state power amplifier that included automatic low pass band filter switching, power output monitoring, VSWR monitoring and protection and automatic input power limiting. Link is HF_AMP

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Design, build and debug of 4 band fan dipole HF antenna system with resonant operation on 80M/40M/20M/10M.

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You can email me at the link to ask any questions or comments at Brian AG6GX_email

Future Asperations

I would like to get more involved with mentoring new operators and exploring new operating modes to expand my experiences.

This could include ARDEN implementations for high speed data communications, VHF/UHF cross band repeator operation, VHF/UHF internet link operation - (YSF, DMR, DSTAR or Allstar). Also may include JS8Call digital operation on HF bands.