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     Hello from AG4L .   I had always had an interest in Electronics to a certain degree but never had the chance to get into the hobbies. I was helping with theBoy Scouts of America. We had gone on a spring camporee and one of the Assistant Scout Masters had just gotten his Amateur License and was working  with a Handheld radio and laptop computer with a small MFJ 3 element beam tied up in a tree with a rope at about 15 ft. He was talking to a another ham operator in the a town around 20 miles away with that handheld and 5 watts of powers. That was a rush for me because I was only use to CB radio with 4 watts and talking to people only across the street.

     That was all it took. I was hooked. From that point I have gotten my Amateur Radio
License. Have sense upgraded to Extra Class and enjoy the hobby very much.  My main
interest in the hobby is DX and Digital SSTV

     My Station consist of a Icom -756 Pro II with a  Ameritron Al-811H Amplifier used for HF operation 6 meters and SSTV. The other equipment consist of  a Kenwood Tm-241  2m transceiver for packet use on the DX cluster.  This cluster is a node that display the current stations heard for DX chasing and working  new stations for awards such as DXCC, WAS, and other various awards. I  also have an  Icom -706 for HF and and 2m / 440 operstion in my tuck.  For Digital SSTV I have a Rigblaster  transceiver to computer interface.



Icom - 756 PRO II

     My antenna system is  a  Rohn 25G  tower at 75ft with a Diamond F-22A. 2 element 7/8 wave vertical at 107 ft. This vertical is used for the local DX cluster. I have a Cushcraft 2m 13 element beam ( 13b2 ) mounted in horizontal position for SBB operation. Also have a Mosely 4 element tribander mounted at 80ft for HF operation. If you want to get a rush out of a hobby try Amateur Radio. To find out more go to the ARRL Web page. They will tell how to get started..

     On personal note I have recieved my DXCC Award for working 100 DX Countries. Also have a number from the Geratol Net #1692 under the callsign  AD4LM. This is a net for Extra Class operators to work WAS on the 75 meter band.

                         So grab a book and join Amateur Radio Community.        73 and good DX..

                                                                             Steve / AG4L...                                                 Rev. 1  12/26/09

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