A collection of information to assist those in locating powerline arc rfi involving amateur radio licensee W4NBO (formerly AF4O)

Updated as information is available

FCC License Data: https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/license.jsp?licKey=4439683

Secondary Source - In Progress    ----on hold see below----

Radio Frequency Interference in the area of West End Street and Clifft Street in Bolivar, Tennessee


Note: Source is intermittent. Such that the source may not be active when a RFI location crew is able to come by. I am in arural area and it takes time for them to come out.

My power company graciously offered to request a TVA rfi location crew to come out but my concern was that they would come out and the source not be active due to its highly intermittent nature, thus the location efforts here.

Frequencies affected

Identification of source type

Triangulation & Final Identification

As of mid June, the source has diminished to where its almost non existant. Increasing temperatures and humidites correlated with a decrease
in the activity of the source. Further work to locate this may have to wait until this fall when the temperatures and humidites decrease.

Ultrasonic Target