AVROT project version 1.1

rotator controller
version 1.1

azimuth & elevation control of rotators (automatic antenna turning) based on commands from computer

Manual & description - V 1.1

circuit diagram - V 1.1

Avrot1.jpg Prototype - picture 1 (60 kB)
Avrot2.jpg Prototype - picture 2 (60 kB)
AvroCmp.gif Printed Circuit Board - Components (44 kB)
AvrotPcb.gif Printed Circuit Board - Layout (14 kB)
AvrotPrj.zip All you need to build your own AVROT (376 kB)
AvrotSrc.zip Developper files - all sources (77 kB)
AvrotAll.zip Full download - all files (500kB)

Alternate Version - V 1.1x
(displays additionaly one decimal place of AZ/EL degree value)
!!! This isn't a new version, just modification of AVROT V1.1 !!!
Not recommended for standard precision rotators.

Modified design by Mark KE6LVK
Circuit modification
New printed circuit board design
Software change (version 1.2)

Comments by OK1DX

AVROTlayout.PDF Printed circuit board (69 kB)
AVROT 1_4.PDF Modified circuit diagram (20 kB)
AVROT CPU 1_2.ZIP CPU firmware (19 kB)
AVROT_LVK.JPG Prototype on KE6LVK PCB (80 kB)

Manual & description - V 2.0

Ported to ATMega8 CPU (AT90S4433 no more available)
Avrot20.zip CPU program source code, binaries and manual (50 kB)
SP12_20.zip Programming software SP12 (support for Win2K and XP, 220 kB)

No binaries, text msgs only please!