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My favorite piece of radio equipment

I didn't make this key. Found it at a hamfest for $5. Nicely crafted from an old hacksaw blade, a cherry wood base and miscellaneous stock parts.

I like the side-swiper because it is "self-powered" and can be used as a general replacement for a straight key, but is twice as fast. It's faster because you make marks in both directions. A straight key marks only on the down movement

The quality of the Morse depends on your fist of course. But it's much better than a Vibroplex, IMHO, where the letter Q (--.-) often comes out sounding like: DIT dah dit dah

I would love to know who made this key and if there are any others just like it

Homebrewed "side-swiper" key (Are there others like this?)

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Name is John, QTH Palm Bay, Florida
"EX-AF" -> Captain, USAF, Retired
Been a "ham" since 1974.

Updated 25-May-2019

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