Tom Baugh(AE9B) I am no longer working with the RDA

Russian District Awards (RDA)

The RDA: (Russian District Award) is an International Awards Program with the goal of attracting interest in Amateur Radio through the communication with various Districts in the Russian Federation.

Roman RX3RC is the award manager of the RDA program.

The "RDA" program is established to encourage confirmed contacts with the greatest variety of areas in Russia. There are currently 6 different certificate awards varying in difficulty and complexity, and two plaque awards available for "Honor Roll" and "#1 Honor Roll".

The Russian Districts Award (RDA), sponsored by Tambov Award Group (TAG), is issued for radio contacts with specified numbers of districts of the Russian Federation according to the RDA list of districts.  The basic RDA certificate can be obtained for working at least 100 districts. The RDA award is available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world.

The application is based on QSL cards received by you from the Russian Stations. Use of the application form is recommended. An application must contain: callsign, QSO data and district number as per RDA list of districts. It is not necessary to submit QSL cards, however the award manager reserves the right to request any specific cards to satisfy any doubt. The application form must be signed by two licensed radio amateurs (with the highest license class) or an official of the local radio club. For later applications for higher class RDA certificates, only the subsequent QSOs must be listed, as well as the number of the basic award and the date it was issued.

The Tambov Award Group and The Russian Contest Club sponsor an RDA Contest this year's contest is August 20, 2005. My "Unofficial Link" to the contest rules.


RDA Certificate Awards

RDA Plaque Awards



Award fees

The cost of the RDA certificate (any class) is 10 EUR or equivalent $US.
The cost of the RDA-2500 "Honor Roll" plaque is 35 EUR
or equivalent $US..
The cost of the RDA-ALL "Honor Roll #1" plaque is 40 EUR
or equivalent $US..

Be sure to send your application by registered mail or via EMAIL (WORD or EXCEL Format) to the award manager:

RX3RC, Roman A. Novikov, P.O.Box 21, 392000 - TAMBOV, Russia  [email protected]


Refer Award Program Questions to: Roman [email protected]