The Phillips Code (part 3 of 3)

    Transcribed by Joseph Hartmann K2AVJ


Pjs- Prejudices.            Pnr- Prisoner.
Pjt- Project.               Pnt- Point.
Pjtd- Projected.            Pnx- Precencts.
Pjtg- Projecting.           Pny- Principally.
Pjy- Perjury.               Po- Post-office.
Pk- Particular.             Pod- Post-office de-
Pkg- Packing.                    partment.
Pkj- Package.               Pog- Postage.
Pkm- Predicament.           Pon- Position.
Pks- Particulars.           Pop- Popular.
Pku- Peculiar..             Popn- Population.
Pkuly- Peculiarly.          Pos- Possible.
Pkuy- Peculiarity.          Posy- Possibly.
Pky- Particularly.          Pot- President of the.
Pkz- Particularize.         Potus- President of the
Plf- Platform.                    United States.
Pln- Politician.            Pov- Poverty.
Plny- Preliminary.          Pox- Police.
Plm- Parliament.            Poxm- Policeman.
Plmy- Parliamentary         Poxn- Policemen.
Pls- Please.                Poy- Possibility.
Plsr- Pleasure.	            Pp- Postpone.
Plx- Politics.              Ppd- Postponed.
Ply- Politically.           Ppg- Postponing.
Pm- Postmaster.             Ppl- Proposal.
Pma- Panama.                Ppm- Postponement.
Pmac- Panama Canal.         Ppn- Proposition.
Pmo- Prominence.            Ppo- Propose.
Pmg- Postmaster-Gen-        Ppod- Proposed.
     eral.                  Ppog- Proposing.
Pmn- Proclamation.          Ppr- Prepare.
Pmnt- Prominent.            Pprd- Prepared.
Pmp- Peremptory.            Pprg- Preparing.
Pmpy- Peremptorily.         Pprn- Preparation.
Pmsl- Permissible.          Pprs- Prepares.
Pmsn- Permission.           Ppry- Preparatory.
Pmt- Permit.                Pps- Postpones.
Pmtd- Permitted.            Ppy- Property.
Pmtg- Permitting.           Pq- Possess.
Pmy- Prominently.           Pgd- Possessed.
Pnc- Pronounce.             Pqg- Possessing.
Pncd- Pronounced.           Pqn- Possission.
Pncg- Pronouncing.          Pqy- Plurality.
Pncn- Pronunciation.        Pr- President. ---*
Png- Pending.               Prm- Permanent.
Pnl- Principal.             Prn- Prison.
Pnpy- Plenipotentiary.      Prp- Proper.


Prpn- Proportion. ---*      Pud- Published.
Prs- Presidents.            Pug- Publishing.
Prt- Part.                  Puh- Publish.
Prty- Party.                Puhr- Publisher.
Pry- Presidency.            Pum- Publication.
Ps- Pass.                   Pur- Purpose.
Psd- Passed.                Puy- Publicly.
Psc- Persistence.           Pv- Privilege.
Psg- Passing.               Pvc- Province.
Psi- Persist.               Pvcl- Provincial.
Psid- Persisted.            Pvd- Privileged.
Psig- Persisting.           Pvi- Provide.
Psis- Persists.             Pvid- Provided.
Psit- Persistent.           Pvig- Providing.
Psj- Passage.               Pvk- Provoke.
Psk- Prospect.              Pvkd- Provoked.
Pskd- Prospected.           Pvkg- Provoking.
Pskg- Prospecting.          Pvl- Prevail.
Pskv- Prospective.          Pvld- Prevailed.
Psl- Personal.              Pvlg- Prevailing.
Psn- Person.                Pvlc- Prevalence.
Psnl- Personnel.            Pvn- Prevent.
Pspx- Prosperous.           Pvntd- Prevented.
Pspy- Prosperity.           Pvntg- Preventing.
Psq- Prosecute.             Pvnl- Provisional.
Psqd- Prosecuted.           Pvtn- Prevention.
Pqqg- Prosecuting.          Pvs- Privilegis.
Psqn- Prosecution.          Pvt- Private.
Pss- Passes.                Pvx- Previous.
Psu- Presume.               Pvxy- Previously.
Psud- Presumed.             Pvy- Privately.
Psug- Presuming.            Pw- Power.
Psun- Presumption.          Pwf- Powerful.
Psuy- Presumably.           Pws- Powers.
Psv- Passive.               Pwy- Powerfully.
Psy- Personally.            Px- Price
Pt- Present.                Pxl- Political.
Ptc- Pretence.              Pxn- Protection.
Ptd- Presented.             Pxo- Porto Rico.
Ptg- Presenting.            Pxon- Porto Rican.
Ptm- Presentment.           Pxs- Prices.
Ptn- Presentation.          Pxt- Protect.
Ptr- Presenter.             Pxtd- Protected.
Pts- Presents.              Pxtg- Protecting.
Pty- Presently.             Pxts- Portects.
Pu- Public.                 Pby- Presbytery.
Pucy- Publicity.            Pyn- Presbyterian.


Pz- Prize.                  Qu- Quiet.
Pzd- Prized.                Quo- Quota.
Pzg- Prizing.               Quy- Quietly.
Pzn- Poison.                R- Are.
Pznd- Poisoned.             Ra- Raise.
Pzng- Poisining.            Rad- Raised.
Pzr- Poisoner.              Raf- Ratify.
Pzs- Prizes.                Rafd- Ratified.
Q- On the.                  Rafg- Ratifying.
Qa- Quality.                Rafn- Ratification.
Qad- Qualified.             Rafs- Ratifies.
Qag- Qualifying.            Rag- Raising.
Qan- Jualification.         Rah- Ravish.
Ray- Quality.               Ral- Radical.
Qb- On the bill.            Ras- Raises.
Cq- Concur.                 Rav- Ravage.
Qcc- Concurrence.           Rb- Rob.
Qcd- Concuurred.            Rbd- Robbed.
Qcg- Concurring.            Rbg- Robbing.
Qcs- Concurs.               Rbr- Robber.
Qct- Concurrent.            Rby- Robbery.
Qk- Quick.                  Rc- Receive.
Qky- Quickly.               Rcd- Received.
Qm- Quartermaster.          Rcg- Receiving.
Qmg- Quartermaster-         Rcn- Reception.
     general.               Rcp- Reciprocate.
Qny- Quantity.              Rcpl- Reciprcal.
Qco- On the contrary.       Rcpy- Reciprocity.
Qoh- On the other hand.     Rcr- Receiver.
Qom- Quorum.                Rcs- Receives.
Qow- On the whole.          Rct- Receipt.
Qp- On the part of.         Rcu- Recuperate.
Qpt- On the part of the.    Rcud- Recuperated.
Qq- On the question.        Rcug- Recuperating.
Qr- Quarter.                Rd- Read.
Qrd- Quartered.             Rdg- Reading.
Qrg- Quartering.            Rdn- Reduction. ---*
Qrl- Quarrel.               Rdr- Reader.
Qrs- Quarters.              Rds- Reads.
Qry- Quarterly.             Rdu- Reduce.
Qrz- Quartz.                Rdud- Reduced.
Qsd- Questioned.            Rdug- Reducing.
Qsg- Questioning.           Rdx- Ridiculous.
Qsh- Quash.                 Rdy- Ready.
Qsn- Question.              Reb- Rebel.
Qso- Quite so.              Reg- Register.
Qt- Quite.                  Regd- Registered.
Qtn- Quotation.             Regg- Registering.


Regn- Registration.         Rj- Reject.
Regr- Registrar.            Rjc- Rejoice.
Regs- Registers.            Rjcd- Rejoiced.
Rek- Wreck.                 Rjcg- Rejoicing.
Rekj- Wreckage.             Rjd- Rejected.
Rept- Repeat.               Rjg- Rejecting.
Repd- Repeated.             Rjn- Rejection.
Repg- Repeating.            Rjr- Rejector.
Reptn- Repetition.          Rjs- Rejects.
Req- Request.               Rk- Recover.
Reqd- Requested.            Rkc- Recognizance.
Reqd- Requesting.           Rkd- Rocovered.
Reqs- Requests.             Rkg- Recovering.
Rev- Reverend.              Rkn- Recognition.
Rf- Refer.                  Rko- Record.
Rfc- Reference.             Rkod- Recorded.
Rfd- Referred.              Rkog- Recording.
Rfe- Referee.               Rks- Recovers.
Rfg- Referring.             Rky- Recovery.
Rfk- Reflect.               Rkz- Recognize.
Rfkd- Reflected.            Rkzd- Recognized.
Rfkg- Reflecting.           Rl- Leal.
Rfkn- Ferlection.           Rla- Relate.
Rfm- Reform.                Rlave- Relative.
Rfn- Reformation.           Rlb- Reliable.
Rfr- Reformer.              Rlc- Reluctance.
Rfs- Refers.                Rld- Related.
Rfu- Refuse.                Rlf- Relief.
Rfud- Refused.              Rlg- Relating.
Rfug- Refusing.             Rlj- Religion.
Rfum- Referendum.           Rljx- Religious.
Rg- Regular.                Rln- Relation.
Rgd- Regard.                Rlps- Relapse.
Rgdd- Regarded.             Rlpsd- Relapsed.
Rgdg- Regarding.            Rlpsg- Relapsing.
Rgds- Regards.              Rlpss- Relapses.
Rgm- Regiment.              Rlq- Relinquish.
Rgn- Regulation.            Rls- Release.
Rgs- Regulars.              Rlsd- Released.
Rgt- Regulate.              Rlsg- Releasing.
Rgy- Regularly.             Rlv- Relieve.
Rh- Reach.                  Rlvd- Relieved.
Rhd- Reached.               Rlvg- Relieving.
Rhg- Reaching.              Rly- Really.
Rhr- Rather.                Rlz- Realize.
Rhs- Reaches.               Rm- Remain.
Rht- Right.                 Rmb- Remember.
Ri- Rhode Island.           Rmc- Remembrance.


Rmd- Remained.              Rps- Reports.
Rmg- Remaining.             Rpt- Represent.
Rmk- Remark.                Rptd- Represented.
Rmkd- Remarked.             Rptg- Representing.
Rmkg- Remarking.            Rptn- Representation.
Rmn- Rumuneration.          Rpu- Repudiate.
Rmr- Rumor.                 Rpud- Repudiated.
Rmrd- Rumored.              Rpug- Rupudiating.
Rmrg- Rumoring.             Rpun- Repudiation.
Rms Remains.                Rpv- Representative.
Rmt- Remit.                 Rpvs- Representatives.
Rmu- Remunerate.            Rpy- Reply.
Rmv- Remunerative.          Rq- Require.
Rmx- Remarks.               Rqd- Required.
Rn- Reason.                 Rqg- Requiring.
Rnc- Ronounce.              Rqm- Requirement.
Rncd- Renounced.            Rqn- Requisition.
Rncg- Ronouncing.           Rqs- Requires.
Rnd- Reasoned.              Rr- Railroad.
Rnf- Reinforce.             Rrg- Railroading.
Rnfm- Reinforcement.        Rsd- Reside.
Rng- Reasoning.             Rsdc- Residence.
Rnl- Reasonable.            Rsdd- Resided.
Rnu- Renew.                 Rsdg- Residing.
Rny- Reasonably.            Rsdt- Resident.
Ro- Rose.                   Rsg- Resign.
Rog- Re-organize.           Rsgd- Resigned.
Rogd- Re-organized.         Rsgg- Resigning.
Rogg- Re-organizing.        Rsgn- Resignation.
Rogn- Re-organization.      Rsi- Resist.
Rot- Report of the.         Rsic- Resistance.
Rp- Report.                 Rsid- Resisted.
Rpb- Rosponsible.           Rsig- Resisting.
Rpby- Responsibility.       Rsis- Resists.
Rpc- Republic.              Rsl- Resolve.
Rpd- Reported.              Rsld- Resolved.
Rpg- Reporting.             Rslg- Resolving.
Rph- Reproach.              Rsn- Resolution.
Rphd- Reproached.           Rsp- Respect.
Rphg- Reproaching.          Rspd- Respected.
Rpl- Repeal.                Rspg- Respecting.
Rpld- Repealed.             Rspv- Respective.
Rplg- Repealing.            Rspy- Respectively.
Rpls- Repeals.              Rsq- Rescue.
Rpm- Re-appointment.        Rqqd- Rescued.
Rpn- Republican.            Rsqg- Rescuing.
Rpr- Reporter.              Rsu- Resume.
                            Rsud- Resumed.

[ This page is very interesting since the
  columns do not match -- however the
  non-matching columns so bothered the
  publishers of the Bi-Centennial Edition,
  that they gradually slid the second column,
  vis-a-vis the first column, so that the 
  reader would not notice the "error"; that
  is, the second column is slightly more 
  condensed than the first column, so that to
  the casual reader, the columns both start
  togetther, *and* finish together.  The
  computer, of course, is not to be fooled;
  however, the human copier is faced with the
  question: "what is going wrong with my
  eyes ?? " ]


Rsug- Resuming.             Rzs- Results.
Rsum- Resumption.           Rzt- Resultant.
Rsv- Reserve.               Sa- Senate.
Rsvd- Reserved.             Sab- Senate bill.
Rsvg- Reserving.            Sac- Senate committee.
Rsvn- Reservation.          Saf- Spocke as follows.
Rt- Are the.                Saik- Shot and instantly
Rtd- Returned.                    killed.
Rtg- Returning.             Sak- Shot and killed.
Rtn- Return.                Sal- Salary.
Ru- Are you.                Sap- Soon as possible.
Ruf- Rough.                 Sar- Senator.
Rup- Rupture.               Sb- Subsequent.
Rupd- Ruptured.             Sbc- Subsequence.
Rupg- Rupturing.            Sbl- Substantial.
Rus- Russia.                Sbly- Substantially.
Rv- Remove.                 Sbm- Submit.
Rvd- Removed.               Sbd- Submitted.
Rvg- Removing.              Shg- Submitting.
Rvk- Revoke.                Sbn- Submission.
Rvkd- Revoked.              Sby- Subsequently.
Rvkg- Revoking.             Sc- Souch Carolina.
Rvkn- Revocation.           Sca- Scare.
Rvl- Removal.               Scb- Subscribe.
Rvn- Revolution.            Scd- Subscribed.
Rvo- Revolve.               Scf- Sacrifice.
Rvod- Revolved.             Scfd- Sacrificed.
Rvog- Revolving.            Scfg- Sacrificing.
Rvos- Revolves.             Scg- Subscribing.
Rvor- Revelver.             Sch- Schooner.
Rvr- River.                 Scl- School.
Rvs- Remones.               Scn- Subscription.
Rvt- Revolt.                Scotus- Uspreme court
Rvu- Review.                       of the United
Rvy- Revolutionary.                States.
Rwd- Reward.                Sct- Supreme court.
Rwdd- Rewarded.             Scu- Seclude.
Rwdg-s Rewarding.           Scud- Secluded.
Lwds- Rewards.              Scug- Secluding.
Rx- Recommend.              Scun- Seclusion.
Rxd- Recommended.           Scy- Scarcely.
Rxg- Recommending.          Sd- Should.
Rxn- Recommendation.        Sdn- Sudden.
Rxs- Recommends.            Sdr- Surrender.
Ry- Railway.                Sdrd- Surrendered.
Rz- Result.                 Sdrg- Surrendering.
Rzd- Resulted.              Sdu- Seduce.
Rzg- Resulting.             Sdud- Seduced.


Sdug- Seducing.             Sjn- Subjection.
Sdun- Seduction.            Sjo- Subject of.
Sdus- Seduces.              Sjt- Sergeant.
Sdy- Sunday.                Sk- Success.
Se- From which.             Skd- Succeed.
Sec- Section.               Skj- Schedule.
Sed- Said.                  Skjd- Scheduled.
Seg- Saying.                Skjg- Scheduling.
Sem- Seem.                  Ski- Successful.
Sen- Seen.                  Skm- Scheme.
Sep- September.             Skr- Successor.
Ses- Says.                  Skv- Successive.
Sey- Secretary.             Sky- Successfully.
Sf- Satisfy.                Sl- Sail. (Spell out
Sfd- Satisfied.                   "sale.")
Sfg- Satisfying.            Sld- Sailed.
Sfj- Suffrage.              Slf- Self.
Sfjt- Suffragette.          Slg- Sailing.
Sfly- Satisfactorily.       Slh- Selfish.
Sfn- Satisfaction.          Slr- Sailor.
Sfr- Nuffer.                Slt- Slight.
Sfy- Satisfactory.          Sm- Some.
Sg- Signify.                Sma- Small.
Sgc- Significance.          Smb- Somebody.
Sgd- Signified.             Smc- Symathetic.
Sgg- Signifying.            Smg- Something.
Sghr- Stenographer.         Smh- Somehow.
Sgn- Signification.         Smk- Smoke
Sgt- Significant.           Smp- Sympathy.
Skg- Stenography.           Smr- Summer.
Sh- Such.                   Smt- Sometime.
Shf- Sheriff.               Smw- Somewhat.
Skk- Shake.                 Smx- Simultaneous.
Shl- Shall.                 Smz- Sympathize.
Shr- Share.                 Sn- Soon.
Si- Semicolon (;).          Snc- Since.
Sig- Signature.             Snd- Send.
Sil- Silver.                Snm- Sentiment.
Sim- Similar.               Sur- Sooner.
Sip- Said in part.          Soa- Secretary of
Sis- Sister.                     Agriculture.
Siu- Situate.               Soc- Secretary of 
Siud- Situated.                  Commerce.
Siug- Situating.            Sor- Soldier.
Siun- Situation.            Sos- Secretary of
Sj- Subject.                     State.
Sjd- Subjected.             Sot- Secretary of the.
Sjg- Subjecting.            Sou- South.


Soun- Southern.             Srm- Surmise.
Sov- Soverign.              Srs Secures.
Sovy- Soverignty.           Srx- Serious.
Sow- Secrotary of War.      Srxy- Seriously.
Soy- Society.               Sry- Securely.
Sp- Ship.                   Ss- Steamship.
Spa- Spacious.              Ssn- Session.
Spb- Shipborad.             St- Street.
Spd- Shipped.               Sta- State.
Spfc- Specific.             Stay- Statistics.
Spfd- Specified.            Stc- Sentence.
Spfg- Specifying.           Stcd- Sentenced.
Spfn- Specification.        Stcg- Sentencing.
Spfy- Specify.              Std- Standard.
Spg- Shipping.              Stdz- Standardize.
Sph- Speech.                Stg- Strong.
Spk- Spoke.                 Stgr- Stronger.
Spkg- Speculating.          Stgy- Strongly.
Skkn- Spoken.               Stj- Strange.
Spkr- Speculator. ---*      Stjr- Stranger.
Spku- Speculate.            Stjy- Strangely.
Spkun- Speculation.         Stk- Strike.
Spkv- Speculative.          Stkr- Striker.
Spl- Special.               Stn- Station.
Spm- Shipment.              Sto- Store.
Spn- Suspicion.             Stod- Stored.
Spo- Suppose.               Stog- Storing.
Spod- Supposed.             Str- Steamer.
Spog- Suppposing.           Sts- Streets.
Spon- Supposition.          Sty- Steady.
Spq- Speak.                 Su- Sure.
Spqg- Speaking.             Sub- Substitute.
Spqr- Speaker.              Subd- Substituted.
Spr- Shipper.               Subg- Substituting.
Spt- Support. (Spell        Subn- Substitition.
      out "sport.")         Sud- Surround.
Sptr- Supporter.            Sudd- Surrounded.
Spx- Suspicious.            Sudg- Surrounding.
Spz- Surprise.              Suf- Sufficient.
Sq- Separate.               Sufy- Sufficiently.
Sqd- Separated.             Sug- Suggest.
Sqg- Separating.            Sugd- Suggested.
Sqn- Separation.            Sugg- Suggesting.
Sqr- Square.                Sugn- Suggestion.
Sqa- Separates.             Suk- Suspect.
Sr- Secure.                 Sukd- Suspected.
Srd- Secured.               Sui- Suicede.
Srg- Securing.              Supm- Supreme.


Supr- Superior.             Tch- Touch.
Supt- Superintendent.       Tcl- Technical.
Sux- Sucurities.            Tct- Transact.
Suy- Saturday.              Tcd- Transacted.
Sv- Seven.                  Tcg- Transacting.
Svc- Service.               Tcn- Transaction.
Svd- Served.                Tcy- Technically.
Sve- Serve.                 Td- Treasury Depart-
Svg- Serving.                    ment.
Svh- Seventh.               Tdb- The debate.
Svl- Several.               Tde- Trade.
Svr- Severe.                Tdg- Trading.
Svt- Servant.               Tdl- Traditional.
Svy- Severely.              Tdn- Tradition.
Sw- Swear.                  Tdy- To-day.
Swg- Swearing.              Ter- Terror.
Swn- Sworn.                 Tes- Testimony.
Swo- Swore.                 Tex- Texas.
Sws- Swears.                Tey- Territory.
Sx- Dollar mark ($).        Tez- Terrorize.
Sxh- Sixth.                 Tezd- Terrorized.
Sxl- Sexual.                Tezg- Terrorizing.
Sxm- Settlement.            Tf- The following.
Sxn- Sensation.             Tfc- Terrific.
Sxnl- Sensational.          Tfd- Testified.
Syc- Systemitic.            Tff- Tariff.
Syl- Systematical.          Tfg- Testyfying.
Sym- Symptom.               Tfk- Traffic.
Syn- Syndicate.             Tfm- Transform.
Sys- System.                Tfmd- Transformed.
Syz- Systematize.           Tfmg- Transforming.
Sz- Seize.                  Tfn- Transformation.
Szd- Seized.                Tfr- Transfer.
Szg- Seizing.               Tfrd- Transferred.
Szn- Season.                Tfrg- Transferring.
Szr- Seizure.               Tfy- Testify.
Szs- Seizes.                Tg- Thing.
T- The.                     Tgh- Telegraph.
Tam- The amendment.         Tgm- Telegram.
Tan- Than.                  Tgr- Together.
Tau- To authorize.          Tgy- Telegraphy.
Tb- The bill.               Th- Those.
Tbc- Tobacco.               Thd- Thursday.
Tbd- The board.             Thea- Theatre.
Tbh- To be held.            Thf- Thief.
Tbl- Trouble.               Thk- Thank.
Tbx- Tuberculosis.          Thm- Thermometer.
Tbz- The business.          Tho- Though.


Thq- Thick.                 Trl- Trial.
Thr- Their.                 Trm- Terminate.
Thru- Through.              Trmd- Terminated.
Tht- Thought.               Trmg- Terminating.
Thu- The house.             Trml- Terminal.
Ti- Time.                   Trmn- Termination.
Tj- The jury.               Trn- Train.
Tjg- The judge.             Trp- Troop.
Tk- Take.                   Trps- Troops. ---*
Tkg- Taking.                Trw- Therewith.
Tkh- Turkish.               Ts- This.
Tkn- Taken.                 Tsa- The senate.
Tkr- Taker.                 Tsb- This bill.
Tkt- Ticket.                Tse- These.
Tky- Turkey.                Tsf- This forenoon. ---*
Tm- Them.                   Tsm- This morning.
Tmp- Temperature.           Tsp- This afternoon.
Tmd- Transmitted.           Tsq- This question.
Tmg- Transmitting.          Tsr- Treasurer.
Tmn- Transmission.          Tsv- This evening.
Tmt- Transmit.              Tsy- Treasury.
Tmx- Tremendous.            Tt- That.
Tn- Then.                   Tti- That is (7).
Tnc- Thence.                Ttt- That the (5).
Tnd- Thousand.              Tuf- Tough.
Tni- To-night.              Tuy- Tuesday.
Tnk- Think.                 Tw- To-morrow.
Tnm- Tournament.            Twd- Toward.
Tnv- Tentative.             Twf- Tomorrow fore-
Tnvy- Tentatively.               noon.
Tny- Tendency.              Twh- To which.
Tol- Tolerate.              Twm- Tomorrow
Tp- Transport.                   marning.
Tpd- Transported.           Twp- Tomorrow
Tpg- Transporting.               afternoon.
Tph- Telephone.             Twv- To-morrow
Tpn- Transportation.             evening.
Tpo- The passage of.        Twy- Twenty.
Tpy- Temporary.             Tx- This is.
Tq- The question.           Txb- This is believed.
Tql-s Tranquil.             Txi- Taxicab.
Tqo- The question of.       Txm- This is more.
Tqy- Tranquilly.            Txn- This is not.
Tr- There.                  Txs- This is said.
Trd- Third.                 Txt- This is the.
Tre- Three.                 Ty- They.
Trf- Therefore.             Tz- These.
Trk- Track.                 U- You.


Uac- Unaccepted.            Unx- Unexpected.
Uau- Unauthorized.          Uny- Unexpectedly.
Uav- Unavoidable.           Uoc- Unchanged on
Ubd- Undoubted.                  call.
Ubq- Ubiquitous.            Upn- Upon.
Uby- Undoubtedly.           Upt- Unimportant.
Uc- You see.                Upw- Upward.
Ucm- Uncommon.              Uq- Upon the.
Ucn- Uncertain.             Uqq- Upon the ques-
Ucx- Unconscious.                tion.
Ucxn- Unconsciousness.      Ur- Your.
Ucy- Unnecessary.           Us- United States.
Udf- Unidentified.          Usa- United States of
Uf- Unfortunate.                 America.
Ufb- Unfavorable.           Usf- Useful.
Ufby- Unfovorably.          Usg- United States
Ufd- Unfounded.                  Government.
Ufm- Uniform.               Usk- Unsuccessful.
Ufp- Under falso pre-       Utaf- Under the aus-
     tenses.                      pices of the.
Ufy- Unfortunately.         Utc- Under the cir-
Ugd- Unchanged.                  cumstances.
Ugt- Urgent.                Utd- Uttered.
Ugud- Unguarded.            Utr- Utter.
Uguy- Ungardedly.           Uty- Utterly.
Ugy- Urgently.              Utz- Utilize.
Uk- Understand.             Uv- Universe.
Ukd- Understood.            Uvl- Universal.
Ukg- Understanding.         Uvy- University.
Ukn- Unkoown.               Ux- Underline, i.e.,
Uky- Understandingly.           italics.
Ul- Usual.                  Uxc- Under these cir-
Ulm- Ultimate.                   cumstances.
Ult- Ultimo.                Uxl- Unconstitutional.
Uly- Usually.               Uxty- Unconstitution-
Um- Unanimous.                    ality.
Umf- Unmanufactured.        Uxy- Unconstitution-
Ump- Umpire.                     ally.
Umy- Unanimously.           V- Of which.
Un- Until.                  Va- Virginia.
Und- Under.                 Vac- Vacate.
Ung- Young.                 Vad- Vacated.
Uni- United.                Vag- Vague.
Unj- Unjust.                Vak- Vacant.
Unl- Unless.                Val- Value.
Uns- Unsettled.             Var- Various.
Unu- Unusual.               Vax- Vaccinate.
Unuy- Unusually.            Vay- Variety.


Vb- Valuable.               Vsd- Visited.
Vby- Valuably.              Vsg- Visiting.
Vcd- Vindicated.            Vsn- Vision.
Vcg- Vindicating.           Vsr- Visitor.
Vcn- Vindication.           Vst- Visit.
Vct- Vindicate.             Vt- Vermont.
Vcv- Vindictiive.           Vtu- Vituperate.
Vcy- Vicinity.              Vtun- Vituperation.
Vdt- Verdict.               Vtuv- Vituperative.
Vet- Veteran.               Vu- View.
Vf- Verify.                 Vud- Viewed.
Vfn- Verification.          Vug- Viewing.
Vgc- Vengeance.[sic]        Vul- Vulgar.
Vgx- Vigorous.              Vus- Views.
Vk- Victor.                 Vx- Violate.
Vka- Victoria.              Vxd- Violated.
Vkm- Victim.                Vxg- Vialating.
Vkn- Vacation.              Vxn- Violation.
Vkx- Victorious.            Vy- Very.
Vky- Victory.               Vyj- Voyage.
Vkz- Victimize.             Vz- Venezuela.
Vlj- Village.               Vzn- Venezuelan.
Vlr- Volunteer.             W- With.
Vly- Voluntarily.           Wa- With a.
Vm- Vehement.               Wac- With a capital.
Vmc- Vehemence.             Wad- War Depart-
Vmy- Vehemently.                  ment.
Vnc- Violence.              Wam- Ways and means.
Vnq- Vanish.                Wat- Water.
Vnqd- Vanished.             Wav- With a view.
Vnqg- Vanishing.            Wb- Will be.
Vnt- Violent.               Wbh- Will be held.
Wny- Violently.             Wc- Welcome.
Vo- Vote.                   Wcd- Welcomed.
Voc- Vocation.              Wcg- Welcoming.
Vod- Voted.                 Wd- Would.
Vog- Voting.                Wda- Wednesday.
Vol- Volume.                Wdf- Wonderful.
Vos- Votes.                 Wdg- Wedding.
Wox- Voluminous.            Wdw- Withdaw.
Vp- Vice-president.         Wea- Weather.
Vpot- Vice-president of     Wek- Weak.
      the.                  Wg- Wrong.
Vr- Virtue.                 Wgd- Wronged.
Wtl- Wirtual.               Wgf- Wrongful.
Vru- Virtuous.              Wgg- Wronging.
Vry- Virtually.             Wgh- Weigh.
Vsb- Visible.               Wgn- Wagon.


Wgt- Weight.                Wri- Write.
Wgy- Wrongly.               Wrn- Written.
Wh- Whiche.                 Wro- Wrote.
Whi- While.                 Wrk- Work.
Whl- Whole.                 Wrt- With regard to.
Wht- Wheat.                 Wrx- Works.
Whu- White House.           Ws- Was.
Wi- Will.                   Wsk- Whiskey.
Wig- Willing.               Wsn- Western.
Wik- Wicked.                Wsp- Warship.
Win- Within.                Wsy- Westerly.
Wis- Wisconsin.             Wt- What.
Wit- Witness.               Wtr- Whether.
Witd- Witnessed.            Wtv- Whatever.
Witg- Witnessing.           Wv- Vaive.
Wix- Wireless.              Wvd- Waived.
Wj- Wound.                  Wyg- Waiving.
Wk- Week.                   Ww- With which.
Wkm- Workman.               Wx- Wait.
Wkn- Workmen.               Wxd- Waited.
Wky- Weekly.                Wxg- Waiting.
Wl- Well.                   Wxr- Waiter.
Wld- World.                 Wy- Why.
Wlf- Welfare.               X- In which.
Wlh- Wealth.                Xac- Exact.
Wly- Wealthy.               Xag- Exaggerate.
Wn- When.                   Xas- Exacts.
Wnb- Will not be.           Xay- Exactly.
Wnc- Whence.                Xb- Exorbitant.
Wng- Winning.               Xby- Exorbitantly.
Wnr- Winner.                Xc- Excite.
Wnv- Whenever.              Xcd- Excited.
Wo- Who.                    Xcg- Exciting.
Wom- Whom.                  Xcm- Excitement.
Wos- Whose.                 Xcp- Except.
Wot- Without.               Xcpn- Exception.
Wp- Weep.                   Xd- Exceed.
Wpg- Weeping.               Xdd- Exceeded.
Wpn- Weapon.                Xdg- Exceeding.
Wq- Warrant.                Xdn- Extradition.
Wqd- Warranted.             Xdt- Extradite.
Wqg- Warranting.            Xdtd- Extradited.
Wqs- Warrants.              Xdtg- Extraditing.
Wqy- Warranty.              Xdy- Exceedingly.
Wr- Were.                   Xg- Legislate.
Wrd- Word.                  Xgd- Legislated.
Wrg- Writing.               Xgg- Legislating.
Wrh- Worth.                 Xgh- Extinguish.


Xghd- Extinguished.         Xplg- Exploding.
Xghg- Extinguishing.        Xpln- Explosion.
Xgn- Legislation.           Xpm- Experiment.
Xgor- Legislator.           Xpn- Expedition.
Xgr- Legislature.           Xpo- Expose.
Xgv- Legislative.           Xpod- Exposed.
Xh- Exhaust.                Xpog- Exposing.
Xhd- Exhausted.             Xpon- Exposition.
Xhg- Exhausting.            Xpr- Expenditure.
Xhn- Exhaustion.            Xps- Expense.
Xhv- Exhaustive.            Xpt- Export.
Xj- Explain.                Xpv- Expensive.
Xjd- Explained.             Xr- Exercise.
Xjg- Explaining.            Xrd- Exercised.
Xjn- Explanation.           Xrg- Exercising.
Xjy- Explanatory.           Xrl- External.
Xk- Execute.                Xrn- Exertion.
Xkd- Executed.              Xrs- Exercises.
Xkn- Execution.             Xrt- Exert.
Xkr- Executor.              Xs- Exist.
Xkv- Executive              Xsc- Existence.
Xl- Excel.                  Xsd- Existed.
Xlc- Excellence.            Xsg- Existing.
Xlg- Excelled.              Iss- Exists.
Xlg- Excelling.             Xt- Extent.
Xlt- Excellent.             Xtd- Extend.
Xly- Excellently.           Xtg- Extending.
Xm- Extreme.                Xtn- Extension.
Xmt- Exempt.                Xtv- Extensive.
Xmtn- Exemption.            Xty- Extensively.
Xmy- Extremely.             Xn- Exclude.
Xn- Constitution.           xun- Exclusion.
Xnl- Constitutional.        Xuv- Exclusive.
Xnlst- Constititionalist.   Xxd- Cross examined.
Xnty- Constitutionality.    Xxg- Cross examining.
Xny- Constitutionally.      Xxm- Cross examine.
Xo- Exoonerate.             Xxn- Cross examina-
Xod- Exonerated.                 tion.
Xog- Exonerating.           Y- Year.
Xon- Exoneration.           Ya- Yesterday.
Yoy- Extraordinary.         Yaf- Yesterday fore-
Xp- Expense.                     noon.
Xpc- Experience.            Yam- Yesterday morn-      
Xpd- Expend.                     ing.
Xpg- Expending.             Yap- Yesterday after-
Xpi- Expedite                    noon.
Xpl- Explode.               Yav- Yesterday even-
Xpld- Exploded.                  ing.

Yd- Yield.                5- That the.
Ydd- Yielded.             7- That is.
Ydg- Yielding.            4- Where.
Yf- Yellow fever.
Yl- Yellow.               BASEBALL
Yo- Years old.            SUPPLEMENT
Yoa- Years of age.        Bas- By a score of.
Yoha- Year of his         Bob- Base(s) on balls.
      (or her) age.       Bts- By the score of.
Z- From which.            Ing- Inning.
Za- Sea.                  Ings- Innings.
Zc- Section.              Ivc- Invincible.
Zcl- Sectional.           Lob- Left on bases.
Zd- Said.                 Nbf- Now batting for.
Zlx- Zealous.             Ncf- Now catchinng for.
Zm- Seem.                 Npf- Now pitching for.
Zn- Seen.                 Sko- Score.
Snr- Senior.              Ump- Umpire.
&- And.                   Umps- Umpires.

                OPTION MONTHS
F- January        K- May         U- September   
G- February       M- June        V- October
H- March          N- July        X- November
J- April          Q- August      Z- December

A D D I T I O N S   T O   P H I L L I P S  C O D E

Acf- Aircraft               Kaq- King and Queen
Arj- Around                 Kmst- Communist
Asfd- Asphyxiated           Kmsm- Communism
Bcy- Bankruptcy             Ksr- Kaiser
Bdc- Broadcast              Mutn- Munition
Bul- Bulgaria               Nxk- Next week
Cats- Coused a tre-         Nql- Neutral
   mendous explosion        Ngly- Neutrality
Chf- Caused by fire         Ooo- Oath of office
Dap- Disappear              Prc- Pres. Coolidge
Dapc- Disappearance         Prh- Pres. Hoover
Dapd- Disappeared           Prr- Pres. Roosevelt
Dapg- Disappearing          Rdo- Radio
Ddk- Dedicate               Spktr- Spectator
Ddkd- Dedicated             Spktrs- Spectators
Dddkn- Dedication           Trs- There's
Dhg- Discharge              Trx- There is
Dhgg- Dicharging            Tsl- Translate
Fht- Fight                  Tsld- Translated
Fhtr- Fighter               Tslg- Translating
Fhtg- Fighting              Trpdo- Torpedo
Hun- Houston                Spn- Zepplin


             W I R E    S I G N A L S
WIRE- Preference            25- Busy on anr wire			 
   over everything          26- Put on gnd wire
   except 95                27- Priority, very
1- Wait a moment                important
2- Important business       28- Do you get my 
3- What time is it?             writing?
4- Where shall I go         29- Private, deliver in
   ahead?                       sealed envelope.
5- Have you business        30- No more -end
   for me?                  31- Form 31 train
6- I am ready                   order
7- Are you ready?           32- I understand that
8- Close your key;              I am to .........
   ckt is busy              33- Car report (Also,
9- Close your key for           answer is paid for)
   priority business        34- Msg for all officers
   (wire chief, dspr,       35- You may use my
   etc.)                        signal to ans this
10- Keep this ckt           37- Diversion
    closed                      (Also, inform all
12- Do you under-               interested)
    stand?                  39- Important, with
13- I understand                priority on thru
14- What is the                 wire. (Also, sleep-
    weather?                    car report)
15- For you and             44- Answer promptly
    and other to copy           by wire
17- Lightning here          73- Best regards
18- What is the             88- Love and kisses
    trouble?                91- Supt's signal
19- Form 19 train           92- Deliver promptly
    order                   93- Vice pres. & gen.
21- Stop for meal               mgr's signals
22- Wire test               95- President's signal
23- All copy                134- Who is at the
24- Repeat this back             key?


Address             Ads   Herewith            Hw
Addressee Left            Hurry Answer        Ha
  City               Lc   Make                Mk
Answer              Ans   Message            Msg
Concel & File             No Record           Nr
  Our (Yours)       Caf   No Such Address    Nsa
Charges            Chgs   No Such Street     Nss
Check                Ck   Not at Home         Nh
Collect            Coll   Not at Home-
Confirmation        Cfn     Left Notic      Nhln
Copy                 Cy   No Telegraph
Deliver             Dlr     Office Advise
Delivered           Dld     Disposition   Notoad
Destination        Dstn   Office             Ofs
Disregard Former          Original          Ognl
  Services          Dfs   Our Msg Date       Our
Duplicate           Dup   Reads              Rds
Filing Time         Flt   Release            Rel
>From                 Fm   Reply Paid          Rp
Get Better                See Our Service    Sos
  Address           Gba   See Your Service   Sys
Get Quick                 Service            Svc
  Answer            Gqa   Signature           Sg
Give Some                 Signed             Sgd
  Address           Gsa   Word                Wd
Guaranteed          Gad   Your Message
Hangs Till Morn-            Date             Ymd
  ings Your         Hta

                 MARKET  SUPPLEMENT

Abnqh- Active, but        Clog- Closing
 not notably              Cda- Canada
 higher                   Cfr- Closed Firm
Acah- Active and          Chn- Channel
 higher                   Cng- Change
Acv- Active               Cnr- Consolidated
Advc- Advance              net receipts
Afh- Active, firm         Comn- Common
 & higher                 Cr- Clear rib
Aga- Against              Crs- Clear rib sides
Advt- Advancing           Cs- Clear sides
 tendency                 Cde- Crude
Aobfwos- Absence of       Crub- Crude in
 business for want         barrels
 of stock                 Cqas- Closed quiet
Aqad- All qualities        & steady
 slightly declined        Cn- Corn
Asdph- A speculative      Cat- Cattle
 demand; prices           Chs- Cheese
 higher                   Cm- Cut meats
 Ash- Active and a        Cnm- Corn meal
  shade higher            Cof- Coffee
Axd- Asked                Cot- Cotton
Bxs- Boxes                Dy- Daily
Bhrs- Butchers            Dlbl- Deliverable
Bwn- Brandywine           Dul- Dull
Byt- Buoyant              Dm- Demand
Bsqh- Business small;     Dro- Drovers Joernal
 quotations higher         reports
Bsql- Business samll;     Dub- Bouble
 quotations lower         Dwal- Dull, weak &
Bzs- Business small        lower
Bnqh- But not quot-       Dmf- Demand fair
 ably higher              DaD- Dull &
Bnql- But not quot-        declining
 ably lower               Dau- Dull &
Ba- Barley                 unchanged
Bfh- Beef hams            Dapa- Demand active;
Bcn- Bacon                 prices advancing
Bm- Bulk meats            Dgfp- Demand good
Bag- Bagging               at full prices
Csh- Cash                 Dgfa- Demand fair,
Ch- Choice (if date,       prices advanced
 Chicago)                 Dlhf- Demand light;
Clr- Clear                 holders firm


Damu- Demand dull         Gd- Good
 & mkt unsettled          Gdm- Good demand
Dhats- Dull; holders      Gdun- Good demand,
 anxious to sell           but unsettled
Dsth- Dressed hogs        Gdsh- Good demand
Exa- Extract               & a shade higher
X & C- Export &           Gt- Great
 consumption              Ha- hay
Eaw- Eastern &            Haw- Heavy & weak
 western                  Hdl- Home demond
Esy- Easy                  limited
Ear- Easler               Herdam- Heavy re-
Egs- Eggs                  ceipts depress mkt
Ero- Early rose           Hgs- Hogs
Exg- Exchange             Humc- Holders un-
Fr- Fair                   willing to make
Frts- Freights             concessions
Fac- Fairly active        Ina- Inactive=
Faf- Fairly active        Inal- Inactive & lower
 & firm                   Idm- Improved
Fas- Fairly active &       demand
 steady                   Igd- In good demand
Fashr- Fairly active      Ifd- In fair demand
 & shade higher           Ir- Irregular  
Fam- Family               Im- India mess
Fd- Fair demand           Ld- Light demand
Fdf- Fair demand;         Lms- Little more
 firmer                    steady
Fmr- Firmer               Lma- Little more
Frl- Freights to           active
 Liverpool                Lr- Lower
Ftd- Fair trade           Lb- Lower, but
 demand                   Lac- Less active
Flw- Fluctuations         Lga- Lower grades
  wide                     advanced
Fah- Firmer & higher      Lrd- Lard
Fpabnd- Full prices       Lc- Long clear
 asked, but no            Lhg- Live hogs
 demand                   Lhr- Leather
Fiq- Feeling is           Ls- Long & short
 quieter                  Lm- Low middling
Fadbalr- Fair demand      Lmc- Low middling
 but at lower prices       close
Flr- Flour                Minn- Minnesota
Gdfp- Good demand         Mdls- Middles
 at full prices           Mdg- Middling
Gs- Generally steady      Mo- Middling New
Gb- Great Britian          Orleans


Modm- Moderate            Ps- Prime steam
 demand                   Ptc- Prime to choice
Mdt- Moderate             Pun- Prices unchanged
Mq- Market Quiet          Pvns- Provisions
Mol- Molasses             Qaf- Quiet & firm
Maas- More active         Qas- Quiet & steady
 and a shade .......      Qaw- Quiet & weak
Mosa- Moderate sales      Qbm- Quotations bare-
Mwdc- Mkt without          ly maintained
 decided change           Qod- Quoted
Msbu- Mkt buoyant,        Qns- Quotations
 but unsettled            Qoy- Quotably
Mswamd- Mkt steady        Qu- Quiet
 with moderate            Qun- Quiet & 
 demand                    unchanged
Mafab- Mkt favors         Rb- Railroad bonds
 buyers                   Rct- Receipts
Mopfac- Mkt opened        Rf- Refined
 firmer, but fell         Rjd- Rejected
 at close                 Ro- Rose
Mosby- More sellers       Rosn- Rosin
 than buyers              S- Sales
Mb- Market bare           Sca- Scarce
Mdy- Moderately           Scy- Scarcely
Mdyac- Moderately         Sg- Spring
 active                   Spt- Spot
Nom- Nominal              Stdy- Steady
Num- Nominally            Sug- Sugar
 unchanged                Spms- Shipments
Ned- No export            Sb- State bonds
 demand                   Saf- Scarce & firm
Opd- Opened               Saw- State & Western
  -- Offered              Sbf- Slightly in
Ofbcd- Opened firm,        buyer's favor
 but closing dull         Sbpun- Small business
Oljod- Only limited        prices unchanged
 jobbing demand           Sgd- Steady, good
Odca- Opened dull,         demand
 but closed active        Shah- Shade higher
Ofav- Opened firm,        Sho- Shoulders
 advanced                 Smb- Small business
Ory- Ordinary             Sog- Stock of grain
Pb- Peachblows             on hand
Pet- Petroleum            Sq- Steady & quiet
Pir- Prices irregular     Stg- Strong
Pkd- Packed               Strd- Steam rendered
Pno- Prices normal        Sum- Sales unim-
Pots- Potatoes             portant

Tal-       Tallow         Upwty- Upward
Tb- Tierce Beef            tendency
Tdw- Tending              Unxvl- Unexpected
 downward                  arrival
Tup- Tending upward       Unudm- Unusual
Tny- Tendency              demand
Tur- Turpentine           Wht- Wheat
Uns- Unsettled            Wir- Winter
Ugd- Unchanged            Wsh- Whiskey
Upt- Unimportant          Wdc- Without de-
Uad- Ungraded              cided charge
Unw- Unwashed             Wic- Without import-
Ugl- Unsettled, gen-       ant change
 erally lower             Wc- Without change
Upic- United Pipe         Xcd- Excited
 Line certificates        Xpt- Export
Unu- Unusual              Xdm- Export demand
Upw- Upward               Yl- Yellow
Unx- Unexpected           Ylg- Yearlings

             THE PHILLIPS CODE
Sponsored byt the Toledo Morse Telegraph Club, 
this reprint of the Phillips Code (1925 edition),
was produced and financed by Bro. Harwell
E. West as a service to the fraternity of former
press telegraph operators.

Bro. West is editor and publisher of the Brass 
Pounders' Gossip, nationally known publica-
tion of the Toled Morse Telegraph Club.

Bros. E. Stuart Davis and George t. Secrist
were very helpful in preparing this very com-
plete edition of the Phillips and other teleg-
raphic codes.

  Copies of this Bi-Centennial edition may
              by obtained from
			  Harwell E. West
			  Box 152, Orland Park, Il 60462
			         Price: $5.50 postpaid

[Rubber Stamped in Red Ink:]
               National Telegraph Office
           	1149 Weber St., Union, NJ 07083

[rear cover: no printing on buff colored paper
 same as front cover.  Book binding: Dark 
 brown Plastic device with 11 holes. 
 Approximate Size of book: 3" Wide by 6" High ]

[------The Phillips Code Book transcription is completed-------]