The Phillips Code (part 2 of 3)

    Transcribed by Joseph Hartmann K2AVJ


Clos- Closes.               Cncg- Concerning.
Clr- Clear.                 Cncs- Concerns.
Clrd- Cleared.              Cnd- Condition.
Clrg- Clearing.             Cnds- Conditions.
Cls- Calls.                 Cnf- Confess.
Cly- Clearly.               Cnfd- Confessed.
Cm- Come.                   Cnfg- Confessing.
Cmb- Combine.               Cnfn- Confession.
Cmbd- Combined.             Cnfs- Confesses.
Cmbg- Combining.            Cng- Change.
Cmbs- Combines.             Cngd- Changed.
Cmc- Commerce.              Cngd- Changing.
Cmcd- Commenced.            Cngs- Changes.
Cmcg- Commencing.           Cnl- Control.
Cmcm- Commencement.         Cnld- Controlled.
Cmd- Command.               Cnlg- Controlling.
Cmdd- Commanded.            Cnls- Controls.
Cmdg- Commanding.           Cnq- Conquer.
Cmds- Commands.             Cnqd- Conquered.
Cmf- Comfort.               Cnqg- Conquering.
Cmfd- Comforted.            Cnqr- Conqueror.
Cmfg- Comforting.           Cnqs- Conguers.
Cmfl- Comfortable.          Cnr- Controller.
Cmfs- Comforts.             Cnv- Convene.
Cmg- Coming.                Cnvd- Convened.
Cml- Commercial.            Cnvg- Convening.
Cmly- Commercially.         Cnvs- Convenes.
Cmm- Commission.            Cnx- Connsolidate.
Cmmd- Commissioned.         Cnxd- Consolidated.
Cmmg- Commissioning.        Cnxg- Consolidating.
Cmms- Commissions.          Cnxn- Consolidation.
Cmn- Combination.           Cnxs- Consolidates.
Cmp- Company.               Co- County.
Cmps- Companies.            Coc- Chamber of Com-
Cmr- Commissioner.               merce.
Cmrc- Commerce.             Cof- Coffee.
Cmt- Commit.                Coi- Court of inquiry.
Cmtd- Committed.            Coj- County jail.
Cmtg- Committing.           Col- Colonel.
Cmtm- Commitment.           Com- Committee.
Cmts- Commits.              Comm- Committeeman.
Cmw- Commwealth             Comn- Committeemen.
Cmx- Circumstance.          Con- Convention.
Cmxd- Circumstanced         Cop- Cheif of police.
Cmxl- Circumstantial.       Coq- Coroner.
Cmxs- Circumstances.        Cot- Cotton.
Cnc- Concern.               Cou- Country.
Cncd- Concerned.            Cous- Countries.


Cow- Committee of the       Cqt- Consequent.
     whole.                 Cqty- Consequently,
Coz- Cousin.                Cqy- Correctly.
Cp- Constantinople.         Cr- Care.
Cpa- Capacity.              Crc- Circulate.
Cpb- Capable.               Crcd- Circulated.
Cpc- Compliance.            Crcg- Circulating.
Cpd- Captured.              Crcn- Circulation.
Cpe- Catastrophe.           Crcr- Circular.
Cpg- Capturing.             Crcs- Circulates.
Cpk- Complicate.            Crd- Cared.
Cpkd- Complicated.          Crf- Careful.
Cpkg- Complicating.         Crg- Caring.
Cpkn- Complication.         Crj- Carriage.
Cpm- Compromise.            Crm- Ceremony.
Cpmd- Compromised.          Crmx- Ceremonious.
Cpmg- Compromising.         Crmxy- Ceremoniously.
Cpms- Compromises.          Crn- Certain.
Cpn- Captain.               Crny- Certainly.
Cpo- Compose.               Crp- Correspond.
Cpod- Composed.             Crpd- Corresponded.
Cpog- Composing.            Crpg- Corresponding.
Cpon- Composition.          Crpn- Corporation.
Cpos- Composes.             Crpt- Correspondent.
Cpr- Capture.               Crs- Cares.
Cpt- Complete.              Crt- Court.
Cptd- Completed.            Cru- Crew.
Cptg- Completing.           Cs- Case.
Cptn- Completion.           Csh- Cash.
Cpts- Completes.            Cshd- Cashed.
Cpu- Compute.               Cshg- Cashing.
Cpud- Computed.             Cshr- Cashier.
Cpug- Computing.            Csi- Consist.
Cpun- Computation.          Csid- Consisted.
Cpus- Computes.             Csig- Consisting.
Cpv- Captive.               Csis- Consists.
Cpvy- Captivity.            Csit- Consistent.
Cpy- Comply.                Csl- Counsel.
Cpz- Capsize.               Csm- Custom.
Cpzd- Capsized.             Csn- Cession.
Cpzg- Capsizing.            Csp- Championship.
Cpzs- Capsizes.             Csr- Customer.
Cq- Correct.                Css- Cases.
Cqc- Consequence.           Cst- Contest.
Cqd- Corrected.             Cstd- Contested.
Cqg- Correcting.            Cstg- Contesting.
Cqn- Correction.            Csts- Contests.
Cqs- Corrects.              Csu- Consume.


Csud- Consumed.             Czn- Citizen.
Csug- Consuming.            Cznsp- Citizenship
Csun- Consumption.          D- in the, or pence.
Csuv- Consumptive.          Das- Days. ---*
Csy- Customary.             Dau- Daughter.
Ct- Connect.                Db- Debate.
Ctd- Connected.             Dbd- Debated.
Ctf- Certificate.           Dbf- Destroyed by fire.
Ctfn- Certification.        Dbg- Debating.
Ctg- Connecting.            Dbl- Debatable.
Ctm- Contempt.              Dbr- Debater.
Ctmb- Contemptible.         Dbs- Debates.
Ctn- Connection.            Dbt- Doubt.
Cts- Connects.              Dc- District of Colum-
Cty- City.                        bia.
Ctz- Criticize.             Dca- Decay.
Ctzd- Criticized.           Dcad- Decayed.
Ctzg- Criticizing.          Dcag- Decaying.
Ctzm- Criticism.            Dcd- Decide.
Ctzs- Criticizes.           Dcdd- Decided.
Cu- Current.                Dcds- Decides.
Cuj- Courage.               Dcg- Deciding.
Cul- Culminate.             Dcl- Declare.
Culd- Culminated.           Dcld- Declared.
Culg- Culminating.          Dclg- Declaring.
Culn- Culmination.          Dcln- Declaration.
Culs- Culminates.           Dcls- Declares.
Cur- Currency.              Dcn- Decision.
Cus- Currents.              Dcr- December.
Cuy- Currently.             Dcs- Decease.
Cv- Cover.                  Dcsd- Deceased.
Cvc- Convenience.           Dct- District court.
Cvd- Covered.               Dcv- Decisive.
Cvg- Covering.              Dd- Did.
Cvl- Civil.                 Ddc- Deduct.
Cvk- Convoke.               Ddcd- Deducted.
Cvkd- Convoked.             Ddcg- Deducting.
Cvkg- Convoking.            Ddcn- Deduction.
Cvks- Convokes.             Ddu- Deduce. ---*
Cvn- Civilization.          Ddud- Deduced.
Cvt- Convenient.            Ddug- Deducing.
Cvy- Conveniently.          Ddus- Deduces.
Cvz- Civilize.              Dduv- Deductive.
Cvzd- Civilized.            Dea- Deacon.
Cvzg- Civilizing.           Deb- Debris.
Cy- Copy.                   Dec- Decrease.
Cx- Capital letter.         Decd- Decreased.
Cxy- Consecutive.           Decg- Decreasing.


Decs- Decreases.            Dgh- Distinguish.
Ded- Dead.                  Dghd- Distinguished.
Def- Defeat.                Dghg- Distinguishing.
Defd- Defeated.             Dgt- Draught.
Defg- Defeating.            Dh- Deadhead. ---*
Defs- Defeats.              Di- Direct.
Deft- Definite.             Dia- Diamond.
Defty- Definitely.          Dif- Difficult.
Deg- Degree.                Difs- Difficulties.
Degs- Degrees.              Dify- Difficulty.
Del- Delegate.              Dig- Directing.
Dela- Delaware.             Din- Direction.
Deln- Delegation.           Dir- Director.
Dels- Delegates.            Dis- Directs.
Dem- Democrat.              Div- Dividend.
Demc- Democratic.           Divs- Dividends.
Demy- Democracy.            Diz- Disease.
Dep- Deputy.                Dizd- Diseased.
Deps- Deputies.             Dizs- Diseases.
Depz- Deputize.             Dj- Deject.
*Des- Despatch, or          Djd- Dejected.
      dispatch.             Djn- Dejection.
Det- Debt.                  Dk- Describe.
Df- Differ.                 Dkd- Described.
Dfc- Difference.            Dkg- Describing.
Dfd- Differed.              Dkm- Discriminate.
Dfdt- Defendant.            Dkmd- Discriminated.
Dfg- Differing.             Dkmg- Discriminating.
Dfi- Deficient.             Dkmn- Discrimination.
Dfm- Defame.                Dkms- Discriminates.
Dfmd- Defamed.              Dkn- Description.
Dfmg- Defaming.             Dl- Deliver.
Dfmn- Defamation.           Dla- Delay.
Dfn- Definition.            Dlad- Delayed.
Dfr- Defer.                 Dlag- Delaying.
Dfrd- Deferred.             Dlas- Delays.
Dfrg- Deferring.            Dlb- Deliberate.
Dfs- Differs.               Dlbd- Deliberated.
Dft- Different.             Dlbg- Deliberating.
Dfty- Differently.          Dlbn- Deliberation.
Dfv- Defective.             Dlby- Deliberately.
Dfy- Deficiency.            Dld- Delivered.
Dg- Doing.                  Dlg- Delivering.
  *The receiver may determine whether despatch
or despatch is meant; the former meaning to for-
ward concretely; e. g., to "despatch an army";
"despatch a messenger," and the latter meaning
to send abstractly: "dispatch a telegram."


Dlq- Delinquent.            Dpd- Departed.
Dlqy- Delinquency.          Dpg- Departing.
Dls- Delivers.              Dpk- Depict.
Dly- Delivery.              Dpkd- Depicted.
Dm- Demand.                 Dpkg- Depicting.
Dmc- Domestic.              Dpl- Disposal.
Dmd- Demanded.              Dpm- Department.
Dmg- Demanding.             Dpms- Departments.
Dmh- Diminish.              Dpn- Disposition.
Dmhd- Diminished.           Dpo- Dispose.
Dmhg- Diminishing.          Dpod- Disposed.
Dmhs- Diminishes.           Dpog- Disposing.
Dmlh- Demolish.             Dpr- Departure.
Dmn- Demonstration.         Dps- Departs.
Dms- Demands.               Dpt- Diplomat.
Dmt- Demonstrate.           Dpv- Deprive.
Dmtd- Demonstrated.         Dpy- Diplomacy.
Dmtg- Demonstrating.        Dq- Discover.
Dmtr- Demonstrator.         Dqc- Divorce.
Dmz- Demoralize.            Dqcd- Divorced.
Dmzd- Demoralized.          Dqce- Divorcee.
Dmzg- Demoralizing.         Dpcg- Divorcing.
Dmzn- Demoralization.       Dqd- Discovered.
Dn- ? (Interrogation).      Dqg- Discovering.
Dnc- Denounce.              Dqn- Drown.
Dncd- Denounced.            Dqr- Discoverer.
Dncg- Denouncing.           Dqs- Discovers.
Dncn- Dunuciation.          Dqy- Discovery.
Dng- Danger.                Dr- Doctor.
Dngs- Dangers.              Drd- Doctored.
Dngx- Dangerous.            Drf- Draft.
Dnl- Denial.                Drfs- Drafts.
Dnm- Denomination.          Drg- Doctoring.
Dnr- Dinner.                Drl- Dreadful.
Doa - Department of         Drs- Doctors.
      Agriculture.          Ds- Discuss.
Doc- Document.              Dsb- Disturb.
Docs- Documents.            Dsbc- Disturbance.
Docy- Documentary.          Dsbd- Disturbed.
Doj- Department of          Dsbg- Disturbing.
     Justice.               Dsc- Distance.
Dol- Dollar.                Dsd- Discussed.
Dols- Dollars.              Dsg- Discussing.
Dom- Dominion.              Dsi- Desist.
Dos- Department of          Dsl- Dissolve.
     State.                 Dsld- Dissolved.
Dp- Depart.                 Dslg- Dissolving.
Dpc- Diplomatic.            Dsln- Dissolution.


Dns- Discussion.            Dvd- Divided.
Dsp- Desperate.             Dvg- Dividing.
Despn- Desperation.         Dvn- Division.
Dsr- Desire.                Dvo- Devote.
Dsrd- Desired.              Dvod- Devoted.
Dsrg- Desiring.             Dvog- Devoting.
Dss- Discusses.             Dvon- Devotion.
Dst- Disaster.              Dvp- Develop.
Dsv- Deserve.               Dvpd- Developed.
Dsx- Disastrous.            Dvpg- Developing.
Dsy- Destroy.               Dvpm- Development.
Dsyd- Destroyed.            Dvr- Devour.
Dsyg- Destroying.           Dvrd- Devoured.
Dt- Do not.                 Dvrg- Devouring.
Dtb- Distribute.            Dvs- Divides.
Dtbd- Distributed.          Dvt- Divert.
Dtbg- Distributing.         Dvtd- Diverted.
Dtbn- Distribution.         Dvtg- Diverting.
Dtf- Doubtful.              Dvts- Diverts.
Dth- Death.                 Dw- Draw.
Dtm- Determine.             Dwf- Dwarf.
Dtmd- Determined.           Dwg- Drawing.
Dtmg- Determining.          Dwl- Dwell.
Dtn- Determination.        *Dwn- Drawn.
Dtr- Detract.               Dwr- Drawer.
Dtrd- Detracted.            Dws- Draws.
Dtrg- Detracting.           Dx- (Dash).
Dtv- Detective.             Dxn- Destruction.
Dtvs- Detectives.           Dxv- Destructive.
Du- Duty.                   Dny- Dynamite.
Dub- Double.                Dz- Does.
Dubd- Doubled.              Ea- Each.
Dubg- Doubling.             Ebd- Embezzled.
Dup- Duplicate.             Ebg- Embezzling.
Dupd- Duplicated.           Ebm- Embezzlement.
Dupg- Duplicating.          Ebr- Embezzler.
Dupn- Duplication.          Ebz- Embezzle.
Dups- Duplicates.           Ec- Ecclesiastic.
Dur- During.                Ecj- Encourage.
Dus- Duties.                Ecjn- Encouragement.
Dv- Divide.                 Eck- Eccentric.
Dva- Devastate.             Ecl- Ecclasiastical.
Dvad- Devastated.           Ed- Editor.
Dvag- Devastating.          Edd- Edited.
Dvan- Devastation.          Edf- Edify.
Dvc- Device.                Edg- Editing.
*Spell out "down."


Edl- Editorial.             Ehy- Either year.
Edn- Education.             Ehz- Either from
Ednl- Educational.               which.
Edt- Edit.                  Ej- Eject.
Edu- Educate.               Eja- Ejaculate.
Edud- Educated.             Ejad- Ejaculated.
Edug- Educating.            Ejag- Ejaculating.
Edv- Endeavor.              Ejan- Ejaculation.
Edvd- Endeavored.           Ejd- Ejected.
Edvg- Endeavoring.          Ejg- Ejecting.
Edw- Edward.                Ejm- Ejectment.
Ef- Effect.                 Ejn- Ejection.
Efd- Effected.              Ejo- Enjoy.
Efg- Effecting.             Ejod- Enjoyed.
Efi- Efficient.             Ejog- Enjoying.
Efl- Effectual.             Ejom- Enjoyment.
Efly- Effectually.          Ejs- Ejects.
Efm- Effeminate.            Ek- Economy.
Efo- Effort.                Ekc- Economic.
Efos- Efforts.              Ekl- Economical.
Efs- Effects.               Eks- Economics.
Efs- Effects.               Eks- Economics.
Efv- Effective.             Ekz- Economize.
Efvy- Effectively.          El- Elect.
Efy- Efficiency.            Elc- Electric.
Eg- England.                Elcl- Electrical.
Ega- Engage.                Elcn- Electrician.
Egad- Engaged.              Elcy- Electrically.
Egag- Engaging.             Elcu- Electrocute.
Egam- Engagement.           Elcud- Electrocuted.
Egh- English.               Elcug- Electrocuting.
Egm- Englishman.            Elcum- EElectrocution.
Egn- Englishmen.            Elb- Elaborate.
Egp- Egypt.                 Elbn- Elaboration.
Egr- Eager.                 Eld- Elected.
Egy- Eagerly.               Elg- electing.
Eh- Either.                 Elj- Elligible.
Ehb- Either be.             Eljy- Eligibility.
Ehd- Either in the.         Elm- Eliminate.
Ehf- Either of the.         Elmd- Eliminated.
Ehg- Either from the.       Elmg- Eliminating.
Eho- Either of.             Elmn- Elimination.
Ehq- Either on the.         Eln- Election.
Ehr- Either are.            Elo- Elope.
Eht- Either the.            Elod- Eloped.
Ehu- Either you.            Elog- Eloping.
Ehv- Either of which.       Elom- Elopment.
Ehw- Either with.           Elq- Eloquent.
Ehx- Either in which.       Elqc- Eloquence.


Elqy- Eloquently.           Enj- Enjoin.
Elr- Elector.               Enjd- Enjoined.
Els- Elects.                Enjng- Enjoining.
Elt- Element.               Enjm- Enjoyment.
Elts- Elements.             Enm- Entertainment.
Elty- Elementary.           Eno- Enormous.
Elu- Elude.                 Enoy- Enormously.
Elv- Elective.              Enr- Enter.
En4- Elsewhere.             Enrd- Entered.
Em- Embarrass.              Enrg- Entering.
Ebm- Embrace.               Ent- Entertain.
Embd- Embraced.             Entd- Entertained.
Embg- Embracing.            Entg- Entertaining.
Embt- Embracement.          Enu- Enumerate.
Emc- Emphatic.              Enud- Enumerated.
Ency- Emphatically.         Enug- Enumerating.
Emd- Embarrassed.           Enun- Enumeration.
Emg- Embarrassing.          Env- Envelope.
Emi- Emigrate.              Envd- Enveloped.
Emid- Emigrated.            Envg- Enveloping.
Emig- Emigrating.           Envm- Envelopment.
Emj- Emergent.              Eny- Enthusiastically.
Emjy- Emergency.            Enz- Enterprise.
Emm- Emigration.            Enzg- Enterprizing.
Emo- Emotion.               Epd- Employed.
Emp- Empty.                 Epg- Employing.
Empd- Emptied.              Epe- Employe[sic].
Empg- Emptying.             Epl- Episcopal.
Emt- Embarrassment.         Epm- Employment.
Emy- Embody.                Epn- Episcopalian.
Emyd- Embodied.             Epr- Employer.
Emyg- Embodying.            Epy- Employ.
Emym- Embodyment.           Eq- Enquire.
Emz- Emphasize.             Eqb- Equable.
Emzd- Emphasized.           Eqd- Equalled.
Emzg- Emphasizing.          Eqg- Equaling.
En- Enthusiasm.             Eqk- Earthquake.
Enn- Enable.                Eql- Equal.
Enc- Enthusiastic.          Eqls- Equals.
Enf- Enforce.               Eqm- Equipment.
Enfd- Enforced.             Eqp- Equip.
Enfg- Enforcing.            Eqps- Enquires.
Enfm- Enforcement.          Eqv- Equivalent.
Eng- Engine.                Eqy- Equiry.
Engr- Engineer.             Eqz- Equalize.
Engrd- Engineered.          Eqzd- Equalized.
Engrg- Engineering.         Eqrg- Equalizing.
Enh- Enough.                Eqrn- Equalization.


Er- Error.                  Exbd- Exhibited.
Ers- Errors.                Exbg- Exhibiting.
Erx- Erroneous.             Exbn- Exhibition.
Erxy- Erroneously.          Exc- Excess.
Es- And.                    Exd- Expected.
Esb- Establish.             Exg- Exchange.
Esbd- Established.          Exk- Expect.
Esbg- Establishing.         Exkg- Expecting.
Esbs- Establishes.          Exkn- Expectation.
Esc- And so forth.          Exm- Examine.
Esd- And in the.            Exmd- Examined.
Esk- Escape.                Exmg- Examining.
Eskd- Escaped.              Exn- Examination.
Eskg- Escaping.             Exp- Express.
Eskm- Escapement.           Expd- Expressed.
Esl- Essential.             Expg- Expressing.
Esls- Essentials.           Expn- Expression.
Esly- Essentially.          Exq- Excuse.
Esm- Establishment.         Exqd- Excused.
Esp- Especial.              Exqg- Excusing.
Espy- Especially.           Exgs- Excuses.
Esq- Esquire.               Exr- Examiner.
Esr- And are.               Exrs- Examiners.
Est- And the.               Exv- Excessive.
Etc- Etcetera.              Ey- Every.
Etd- Estimated.             Eyb- Everybody.
Etg- Estimating.            Eyg- Everything.
Etm- Estimate.              Ey4-Everywhere.
Etn- Estimation.            F- Of the.
Eu- Europe.                 Fa- Fail.
Eun- European.              Fab- Fabric.
Ev- Ever.                   Fac- Fact.
Eva- Evade.                 Facn- Faction.
Evad- Evaded.               Facr- Factor.
Evag- Evading.              Fad- Failed.
Evan- Evasion.              Fag- Failing.
Evc- Evidence.              Fam- Family.
Evcd- Evidenced.            Fap- Filed a petition.
Evcg- Evidencing.           Fapib- Filed a petition
Evg- Evening.                     in bankrutcy.
Evk- Evoke.                 Fas- Fails.
Evkd- Evoked.               Fau- Failure.
Evkg- Evoking.              Fav- Favor.
Evm- Evermore.              Fax- Facts.
Evn- Even.                  Fb- Of the bill.
Evt- Evident.               Fbl- Favorable.
Exa- Extra.                 Fbo- Fire broke out.
Exb- Exhibit.               Fbx- Fabulous.


Fc- Fiscal.                 Fjd- Founded.
Fcd- Financed.              Fjg- Founding.
Fcg- Financing.             Fjn- Foundation.
Fce- Finance.               Fjr- Founder.
Fch- French.                Fjy- Foundry.
Fcl- Financial.             Fk- Fluctuate.
Fcly- Financially.          Fkd- Fluctuated.
Fcr- Financier.             Fkg- Fluctuating.
Fcs- Finances.              Fkn- Fluctuation.
Fd- Find.                   Fks- Fuuctuates.
Fdc- Federal Court.         Fkx- Fictitious.
Fdd- Federated.             Fky- Factory.
Fdg- Finding.               Fl- Feel.
Fdl- Federal.               Fla- Flame.
Fdm- Fundamental.           Flas- Flames.
Fdn- Federation.            Fld- Field.
Fdr- Finder.                Fldd- Fielded.
Fds- Finds.                 Fldg- Fielding.
Fea- Feather.               Flds- Fields.
Feb- February.              Flg- Feeling.
Fem- Feminine.              Flh- Flourish.
Fev- Fever.                 Flhd- Flourished.
Ffj- Fugitive from jus-     Flhg- Flourishing.
     tice.                  Flhs- Flourishes.
Ffr- Philosopher.           Flo- Flow.
Ffy- Philosophy.            Flod- Flowed.
Fg- Following.              Flog- Flowing.
Fgh- Photograph.            Flos- Flows.
Fghd- Photographed.         Fls- Feels.
Fghg- Photographing.        Flz- Fertilize.
Fghr- Photographer.         Flzd- Fertilized.
Fgm- Fragment.              Flzg- Fertilizing.
Fgms- Fragments.            Flzr- Fertilizer.
Fgmy- Fragmentary.          Fm- From.
Fgn- Foreign.               Fmd- Formed.
Fgnr- Foreigner.            Fmg- Forming.
Fgo- Following order.       Fml- Formal.
Fgr- Figure.                Fmly- Formally.
Fgd- Figured.               Fmn- Formation.
Fgg- Figuring.              Fmr- Former.
Fh- Forth.                  Fmy- Formerly.
Fhr- Further. ---*          Fmx- Famous.
Fhw- Forthwith.             Fn- Fifteen.
Fi- Fire.                   Fna- Fanatic.
Fid- Fired.                 Fnc- France.
Fig- Firing.                Fnd- Friend.
Fin- Finish.                Fndsp- Friendship.
Fj- Found.                  Fnh- Furnish.


Fnhd- Furnished.            Ftm- For the murder.
Fnhg- Furnishing.           Ftp- For the purpose.
Fnhs- Furnishes.            Ftu -Feature.
Fnk- Frank.                 Fty- Fatally.
Fnl- Funeral.               Fu- Few.
Fnt- Front.                 Fug- Fugitive.
Fny- Funny.                 Fui- Fully insured.
Fnz- Frenzy.                Fut- Future.
Fo- For.                    Fv- Five.
Foj- Fourth of July.        Fvh- Fifth.
Fot- Fought.                Fvt- Favorite.
Fou- Fourteen.              Fw- Follow.
Fp- Philanthropist.         Fwd- Followed.
Fpc- Philanthropic.         Fx- Fort.
Fpy- Philanthropy.          Fxd- Fixed.
Fq- Frequent.               Fxg- Fixing.
Fqd- Frequented.            Fxn- Fortification.
Fqg- Frequenting.           Fxs- Forts.
Fqs- Frequents.             Fxy- Fortify.
Fqy- Frequently.            Fym- Furthermore.
Fr- Four.                   Fyn- Fortune.
Frc- Force.                 Fyt- Fortunate.
Frcd- Forced.               Fz- Freeze.
Frcg- Forcing.              Fzn- Frozen.
Frd- Fraud.                 G- From the.
Frdt- Fraudulent.           Ga- Gave.
Frh- Fourth.                Gad- Guaranteed.
Fri- Friday.                Gag- Guaranteeing.
Frl- Fearful.               Gal- Gallon.
Frm- Form.                  Gals- Gallon.
Frn- Forenoon.              Gar- Guarantee.
Frt- Freight.               Gau- Gauge.
Frv- Forever.               Gay- Guaranty.
Frw- Forward.               Gb- Great Britian.
Frwd- Forwarded.            Gc- Grace.
Frwg- Forwarding.           Gcl- Graceful.
Frws- Forwards.             Gcx- Gracious.
Frx- Furious.               Gcy- Gracefully.
Fs- First.                  Gd- Good.
Fsd- Finished.              Gds- Goods.
Ft- For the.                Gen- General.
Ftb- For the bill.          Gens- Generals.
Ftl- Fatal.                 Geny- Generally.
  Use "fr" for "four" and say "4" for "where,"
except in groups.  "fx" for "fort."
  Spell out "fix."


Ger- German.                Gom- Gulf of Mexico.
Gery- Germany.              Gov- Governor.
Gf- Gulf.                   Gp- Group.
Gfd- Gratified.             Gpd- Grouped.
Gfg- Gratifying.            Gpg- Grouping.
Gfn- Gratification.         Gps- Groups.
Gfy- Gratify.               Gq- Geology.
Gg- Going.                  Gql- Geological.
Gh- Gather.                 Gqt- Geologist.
Ghd- Gathered.              Gr- Ground.
Ghg- Gathering.             Grd- Grounded.
Ghs- Gathters.              Grf- Greif.
Gi- Gigantic.               Grg- Grounding.
Gj- Grand Jury.             Grn- Grain.
Gk- Greek.                  Grs- Grounds.
Gks- Greeks.                Grv- Greive.
Gl- Girl.                   Grvd- Grieved.
Glc- Glance.                Grvg- Grieving.
Glcd- Glanced.              Gs- Guess.
Glcg- Glancing.             Gsd- Guessed.
Gld- Gold.                  Gsg- Guessing.
Glm- Gleam.                 Gsp- Gossip.
Glmd- Gleamed.              Gspd- Gossipped.
Glmg- Gleaming.             Gspg- Gossipping.
Glms- Gleams.               Gt- Great.
Gln- Glean.                 Gtg----Getting.
Glnd- Gleaned.              Gtr- Greater.
Glng- Gleaning.             Gty- Greatly.
Glns- Gleans.               Gu- Guard.
Gls- Girls.                 Gubl- Guernatorial.
Glv- Glove.                 Gud- Guarded.
Glvs- Gloves.               Gug- Guarding.
Glx- Glorious.              Gus- Guards.
Gm- Gentleman.              Gv- Give.
Gmn- Gentlemen.             Gvc- Grievance.
Gms- Gentleman's            Gvg- Giving.
Gmy- Gentlemanly.           Gvn- Given.
Gn- Gone.                   Gvt- Government.
Gnd- Grand.                 Gw- Grow.
Gni- Good night.            Gwg- Growing.
Gno- Gave notice.           Gwh- Growth.
Gnt- Grant.                 Gwn- Grown.
Gntd- Granted.              Gws- Grows.
Gntg- Granting.             Gx- Great excitement.
Gnts- Grants.               Gy- Guilty.
Gnx- Generous.              Gz- Gazette.
Gnxy- Generously.           Gzd- Gazetted.
Goh- Guest of honor.        Gzr- Gazetteer[sic].


H- Has.                     Hnd- Hundred.
Hag- Haggle.                Ho- Hold.
Hagd- Haggled.              Hog- Holding.
Hagg- Haggling.             Hom- Home.
Hags- Haggles.              Homs- Homes.
Hap- Happy.                 Hon- Honorable.
Hb- Has been.               Hor- Holder.
Hbr- Harbor.                Hos- Holds.
Hbrd- Harbored.             Hox- Hostilities.
Hbrg- Harboring.            Hoy- Hostility.
Hbrs- Harbors.              Hp- Hope.
Hc- Habeas corpus.          Hpd- Hoped.
Hd- Had.                    Hpf- Hopeful.
Hdb- Had been.              Hpg- Hoping.
Hed- Head.                  Hpl- Hopeless.
Hes- Hesitate.              Hpn- Happen.
Hesd- Hesitated.            Hpnd- Happened.
Hesn- Hesitation.           Hpns- Happens.
Hf- Half.                   Hps- Hopes.
Hg- Having.                 Hqrs- Headquarters.
Hgb- Having been.           *Hr- Here.
Hh- Has had.                Hrd- Heard.
Hhd- Hogshead.              Hrf- Heretofore.
Hi- High.                   Hrg- Hearing.
Hib- Hibernian.             Hrl- Hurl.
Hin- Hinder.                Hrld- Hurled.
Hir- Higher.                Hrlg- Hurling.
Hk- Hook.                   Hrm- Harm.
Hkd- Hooked.                Hrmd- Harmed.
Hkg- Hooking.               Hrmg- Harming.
Hkn- Hurricane.             Hrms- Harms.
Hkp- Handicap.              Hrt- Hurt.
Hks- Hooks.                 Hrtg- Hurting.
Hl- Hell.                   Hrv- Harvest.
Hlh- Health.                Hrvd- Harvested.
Hlp- Help.                  Hrvg- Harvesting.
Helpd- Helped.              Hrvr- Harvester.
Hlpg- Helping.              Hrvs- Harvests.
Hly- Healthy.               Hrw- Herewith.
Hm- Him.                    Hry- Hurry.
Hmx- Harmonious.            Hs- His.
Hmy- Harmony.               Hsb- Husband.
Hn- Has not.                Hsf- Himself.
Hnb- Has not been.          Hsp- Hospital.
Hnc- Hence.                Ht- Has the.
  *Spell out "hear."


Htl- Hotel.                 Ict- Inconvenient.
Hu- House.                  Icu- Include.
Hub- House bill.            Icud- Included.
Huc- House committee.       Icug- Including.
Hud- Hudson.                Icun- Inclusion.
Hul- House of Lords.        Icus- Includes.
Huq- House of Com-          Icv- Inconvenience.
     mons.  ---*            Icw- In connection
Hur- House of Rep-               with.
     resentatives.          Id- Introduce.
Hv- Have.  	                Ida- Idaho.
Hvb- Have been.             Idc- Induct.
Hvnb- Have not been.        Idcd- Inducted.
Hvk- Havoc.                 Idcg- Inducting.
Hvr- However.               Idcn- Induction.
Hvu- Have you.              Idd- Introduced.
Hvy- Heavy.                 Idf- Identify.
Hw- How.                    Idfd- Identified.
Hx- Hyphen.                 Idfg- Identifying.
Hy- Henry.                  Idfn- Identification.
Hz- Hazard.                 Idg- Introducing.
Hzd- Hazarded.              Idm- Indictment.
Hzg- Hazarding.             Idn- Introduction.
Hzx- Hazardous.             Idt- Indict.
Ia- Iowa.                   Idtd- Indicted.
Iab- Introduced a bill.     Idtg- Indicting.
Ian- Indian.                Idty- Identify.
Iar- Introduced a reso-     Idu- Induce.
      lution.               Idud- Induced.
Iat- In addition to.        Idug- Inducing.
Iaw- In accordance          Idum- Inducement.
      with.                 Idy- Introductory.
Ibo- In behalf of.          Ifc- Inference.
Ic- In connection.          Ifd- Informed.
Icc- Interstate Com-        Ifg- Informing.
      merce Commis-         Ifl- Informal.
	  sion.                 Ifm- Inform.
Icg- In concluding.         Ifn- Information.
Icj- Intercollegiate.       Ifo- In favor of.
Icm- Income.                Ifq- Infrequent.
Icmg- Incoming.             Ifqy- Infrequently.
Icms- Incomes.              Ifr- Infer.
Icn- In conclusion.         Ift- Inflict.
Icp- Incorporate.           Iftd- Inflicted.
Icpd- Incorporated.         Iftg- Inflicting.
Icpg- Incorparating.        Iftn- Infliction.
Icpn- Incorporation.        Ifts- Inflicts.


Ify- Infantry.              Imn- Immigration.
Ig- Indignant.              Imnt- Imminent.
Igc- Ignorance.             Imp- Import.
Igl- Illegal.               Impd- Imported.
Ign- Indignation.           Impg- Importing.
Igt- Ignorant.              Impn- Importation.
Igy- Indignantly.           Imps- Imports.
Ih- It has.                 Imt- Immediate.
Iho- In honor of.           Imv- Imaginative.
Ij- Injure.                 Ina- Initiate.
Ijc- Intelligence.          Inad- Initiated.
Ijd- Injured.               Inag- Initiating.
Ijg- Injuring.              Inav- Initiative.
Ijn- Injunction.            Inas- Initiates.
Ijs- Injures.               Inc- Increase.
Ijt- Intelligent.           Incd- Incresed.
Ijx- Injurious.             Incg- Increasing.
Ijy- Injury.                Incs- Increases.
Ik- Instantly killed.       Ind- Indiana.
Ikd- Indicated.             Inf- Influence.
Ikg- Indicating.            Infl- Influential.
Ikm- Incriminate.           Inj- Injustice.
Ikmd- Incriminated.         Inl- International.
Ikmg- Incriminating.        Ino- Innocent.
Ikmn- Incrimination.        Inoc- Innocence.
Ikms- Incriminates.         Inp- Independent.
Ikn- Indication.            Inpy- Independently.
Iks- Indicates.             Inq- Inquest.
Iku- Incumbent.             Ins- Insurance.
Ikv- Indicative.            Instn- Institution.
Ild- Illustrated.           Instu- Institute.
Ilg- Illustrating.          Instd- Instituted.
Iln- Illustration.          Instg- Instituting.
Ils- Illustrates.           Insx- Instantaneous.
Ilt- Illustrate.            Int- Interest.
Ilv- Illustrative.          Intd- Interested.
Ilx- Illustrious.           Intg- Interesting.
Im- Immediately.            Inu- Innumerable.
Ima- Imagine.               Inv- Involve.
Iman- Imagination.          Invd- Involved.
Imd- Imagined.              Invg- Involving.
Img- Imagining.             Inx- Instruct.
Imi- Immigrate.             Inxd- Instructed.
Imid- Immigrated.           Inxg- Instructing.
Imig- Immigrating.          Inxn- Instruction.
Imm- Immense.               Inxs- Instructs.
Immy- Immensely.            Iny- Incendiary.


Inys- Incendiaries.         Isi- Insist.
Io- In order.               Isjt- Insurgent.
Iot- In order to            Isjts- Insurgents.
Ip- Improve.                Isjy- Insurgency.
Ipc- Importance.            Isn- Island.
Ipd- Improved.              Iso- In spite of.
Ipg- Improving.             Ista- Interstate.
Ipk- Implicate.             Isu- Issue.
Ipkd- Implicated.           Isuc- Issuance.
Lpkg- Implicating.          Isud- Issued.
Ipkn- Implication.          Isug- Issuing.
Ipm- Improvement.           Isus- Issues.
Ipn- Imposition.            Isw- In sympathy with.
Ipo- Impose.                Isxn- Insurrection.
Ipod- Imposed.              Isxn- Insurrection.
Ipog- Imposing.             Itc- In this connection.
Ips- Improves.              Itd- Intend.
Ipt- Important.             Itdd- Intended.
Ipu- Impute.                Itg- Intending.
Ipud- Imputed.              Itf- Interfere.
Ipug- Imputing.             Itfd- Interfered.
Ipun- Imputation.           Itfg- Interfering.
Ipus- Imputes.              Itn- Intention.
Ipx- Inspect.               Itx- Intoxicate.
Ipxd- Inspected.            Itxd- Intoxicated.
Ipxg- Inspecting.           Itxg- Intoxicating.
Ipxn- Inspection.           Itxn- Intoxication.
Ipxs- Inspects.             Iug- Inaugurate.
Iq- Inquire.                Iugd- Inaugurated.
Iqd- Inquired.              Iugg- Inaugurating.
Iqg- Inquiring.             Iul- Industrial.
Iqn- Inquisition.           Iun- Inauguration.
Iqo- In consequence of.     Iup- Interrupt.
Iqr- Inquirer.              Iupd- Interrupted.
Iqs- Inquires.              Iupg- Interrupting.
Iqy- Inquiry.               Iupn- Interruption.
Ir- Irregular.              Iux- Industrious.
Ird- Ireland.               Iuxy- Industrously.
Irh- Irish.                 Iuy- Industry.
Irl- Internal.              Iuys- Industries.
Irn- Iron.                  Iv- In view.
Irs- Irregularities.        Iva- Invade.
Irt- In regard to.          Ivad- Invaded.
Iry- Irregularly.           Ivag- Invading.
Isc- Instance.              Ivan- Invasion.
Iscd- Instanced.            Ivas- Invades.
Iscg- Istancing.            Ivd- Investigated.
Iscs- Instances.            Ivg- Investigate.


Ivgg- Investigating.        Jbt- Jubilant.
Ink- Invoke.                Jdl- Judicial.
Ivkd- Invoked.              Jdx- Judicious.
Ivkn- Invocation.           Jdxy- Judiciously.
Ivkn- Invocation.           Jdy- Judiciary.
Ivl- Individual.            Jf- Justify.
Ivm- Investment.            Jfd- Justified.
Ivn- Investigation.         Jfg- Justifying.
Ivo- In view of.            Jfl- Justifiable.
Ivs- Invest.                Jfn- Justification.
Ivsd- Invested.             Jfs- Justfies.
Ivsg- Investing.            Jg- Judge.
Ivt- Invite.                Jgd- Judged.
Ivtd- Invited.              Jgg- Judging.
Ivtg- Inviting.             Jgm- Judgment.
Ivtn- Invitation.           Jgs- Judges.
Ivts- Invites.              Jl- Jail.
Ivu- Interview.             Jlsy- Jealousy.
Ivud- Interviewed.          Jlx- Jealous.
Ivug- Interviewing.         Jlxy- Jealously.
Iw- It was.                 Jly- July.
Iwb- It was believed.       Jn- Join.
Iwc- It was claimed.        Jnd- Joined.
Iwf- it was feared.         Jng- Joining.
Iwh- It was held.           Jnl- Journal.
Iwj- It was alleged.        Jns- Joins.
Iwn- It was not.            Jny- Journey.
Iwr- It was reported.       Jop- Justice of the
Iwu- It was understood.           Peace.
Iwx- It was expected.       Jp- Japan.
Ix- It is.                  Jpe- Japanese.
Ixb- It is believed.        Jpx- Joepardous.
Ixc- It is claimed.         Jpy- Jeopardy.
Ixf- It is feared.          Jpz- Jeopardize.
Ixh- It is held.            Jr- Junior.
Ixj- It is alleged.         Jrn- Jurisdiction.
Ixn- It is not.             Jrnl- Jurisdictional.
Ixp- It is possible.        Js- Just.
Ixr- It is reported.        Jsc- Justice.
Ixs- It is said.            Jsy- Justly.
Ixt- It is the.             Jt- Joint.
Ixu- It is understood.      Jty- Jointly.
Ixx- It is expected.        Ju- Jury.
J- By whiche.               Jus- Juries.
Jan- January.               Jvn- Javelin.
Jas- James.                 Jwl- Jewel.
Jb- Jubilee.                Jwy- Jewelry.
Jbn- Jubilation.            Jz- Juarex (Mexico).


K- Out of the.              Kg- King.
Kah- Knots an hour.         Kgd- Congratulated.
Kan- Kansas.                Kgg- Congratulating.
Kb- Contribute.             Kgm- Kingdom.
Kbd- Contributed. ---*      Kgn- Congratulation.
Kbg- Contributing.          Kgu- Congratulate.
Kbn- Contribution.          Kgy- Congratulatory.
Kbs- Contributes.           Ki- Kill.
Kc- Concentrate.            Kid- Killed.
Kcd- Concentrated.          Kig- Killing.
Kcg- Concentrating.         Kis- Kills.
Kcl- Conciliate.            Kj- Complain.
Kcld- Conciliated.          Kjd- Complained.
Kclg- Conciliating.         Kjg- Complaining.
Kcln- Conciliation.         Kjn- Conjunction.
Kcls- Conciliates.          Kjt- Complaint.
Kcn- Concentration.         Kl- Collect.
Kcs- Concentrates.          Kld- Collected.
Kcx- Conscious.             Klg- collecting.
Kcxn- Consciousness.        Kli- Collide.
Kd- Kind.                   Klid- Collided.
Kdc- Conduct.               Klig- Colliding.
Kdcd- Conducted.            Kln- Collection.
Kdcg- Conducting.           Klps- Collapse.
Kdcr- Conductor.            Klpsd- Collapsed.
Kdg- Knowledge.             Klpsg- Collapsing.
Kdn- Kindness.              Klr- Collector.
Kdu- Conduce.               Klrl- Collateral.
Kdud- Conduced.             Kls- Collects.
Kdug- Conducing.            Klsn- Collision.
Kdus- Conduces.             Klv- collective.
Kdy- Kindly.                Km- Communicate.
Kf- Confer.                 Kmd- Communicated.
Kdc- Conference.            Kmg- Communicating.
Kfd- Conferred.             Kml- Criminal.
Kfe- Conferee.              Kmly- Criminally.
Kfg- Conferring.            Kmn- Communication.
Kfm- Conform                Kmp- Compare.
Kfmd- Conformed             Kmpd- Compared.
Kfmg- Conforming.           Kmpg- Comparing.
Kfms- Conforms.             Kmpv- Comparative.
Kfmy- Conformity.           Kmw- Communicate
Kfs- Confers.                   with. ---*
Kft- Conflict.              Kmy- Community.
Kftd- Conflicted.           Kn- Known.
Kftg- Conflicting.          Knc- Conscience.
Kfts- Conflicts.            Knd- Candidate.
Kfw- Confer with.           Kndy- Candidacy.


Knp- Contemplate.           Krbn- Corroboration.
Knpd- Contemplated.         Krbs- Corroborates.
Knpg- Contemplating.        Krd- Colored.
Knpn- Contemplation.        Krg- Coloring.
Knps- Contemplates.         Krp- Corrupt.
Kns- Converse.              Krpd- Corrupted.
Knsd- Conversed.            Krpg- Corrupting.
Knsg- Conversing.           Krpn- Corruption.
Knv- Conversation.          Krps- Corrupts.
Knx- Conscientious.         Krs- Colors.
Kny- Conscientiously.       Kru- Crusade.
Ko- Colon (:).              Ks- Conserve.
Kol- Column.                Ksd- Conserved.
Kom- Common.                Ksg- Conserving.
Kop- Co-operate.            Ksm- Conservatism.
Kopd- Co-operated.          Ksn- Conservation.
Kopg- Go-operating.         Kst- Christ. ---*
Kopn- Co-operation.         Kstn- CHristian.
Kp- Keep.                   Ksu- Consummate.
Kpd- Comprehend.            Ksud- Consummated.
Kpg- Keeping.               Ksug- Consummating.
Kpl- Compel.                Ksun- Consummation.
Kpn- Competition.           Ksv- Conservative.
Kpr- Conspire.              Kt- Contain.
Kprd- Conspired.            Ktd- Contained.
Kprg- Conspiring.           Ktg- Containing.
Kpt- Compete.               Kts Contains.
Kptd- Competed.             Ktv- Controvert.
Kptg- Competing.            Kty- Controversy.
Kptr- Competitor.           Ku- Continue.
Kptv- Competitive.          Kuc- Continuance.
Kpv- Coomprehensive.        Kud- Continued.
Kpx- Conspicuous.           Kug- continuing.
Kpy- Conspiracy.            Kul- Continual.
Kq- Colon, Quota-           Kun- Continuation.
     tion (:").             Kus- Continues.
Kqc- Convince.              Kuy- Continually.
Kqcd- Convinced.            Kv- Convert.
Kqcd- Convincing.           Kva Convey.
Kqd- Convicted.             Kvac- Conveyance.
Kqd- Convicting.            Kvad- Conveyed.
Kqn- Conviction             Kvag- Conveying.
Kgq- Convects.              Kvb- Convertible.
Kqt- Convict.               Kvd- Converted.
Kr- Color.                  Kvg- Converting.
Krb- Corroborate.           Kvn- Conversion.
Krbd- Corroborated.         Kvs- Converts.
Krbg- Corroborating.        Kvy- Convertibly.


Kw - Know.                  Lgs- Longs.
Kwg- Knowing.               Lgt- Legitimate.
Kws- Knows.                 Lgu- League.
Kx- Colon, dash             Lgy- Legally.
     (: -).                 Lgz- Legalize.
Kxc- Construct.             Lia- Liability.
Kxd- Constructed.           Lias- Liabilities.
Kxg- Constructing.          Lib- Liberty.
Kxn- Construction.          Libs- Liberties.
Kxs- Constructs.            Lic- License.
Ky- Kentucky.               Licd- Licensed.
Kyn- Kentuckian.            Licg- Licensing.
Kz- Consult.	            Lics- Licenses.
Kzd- Consulted.             Lit- Little.
Kzg- Consulting.            Lk- Like.
Kzn- Consultation.          Lkd- Liked.
Kzs- Consults.              Lkg- Liking.
La- Louisiana.              Lks- Likes.
Lab- Labor.                 Lky- Likely.
Labd- Labored.              Ln- Loan.
Labg- Laboring.             lnd- Loaned.
Labs- Labors.               Lng- Loaning.
Laby- Laboratory.           Lns- Loans.
Laf- Laugh.                 Loco- Locomotive.
Lag- Language.	            Loj- Lodge.
Lan- Lousianian.            Lok- Lock.
Las- Last.                  Lol- Loss of Life.
Lat- Latitude.              Lon- Longitude.
Lav- Lavish.                Lov- Love.
Lavd- Lavished.             Lp- Liverpool.
Lavg- Lavishing.            Lq- Liquor.
Lavy- Lavishly.             Lqd- Liquidated.
Lbl- Liberal.               Lqd- Liquidating.
Lbr- Lumber.                Lqn- Liquidation.
Lbx- Laborious.             Lqt- Liquidate.
Ld- London.                 Lqs- Liquors.
Ldg- Leading.               Lr- Lower.
Ldr- Leader.                Lrj- Large.
Lea- Leather.               Lrn- Learn.
Lf- Life.                   Lrnd- Learned.
Lfb- File boat.             Lrng- Learning.
Lfi- Life insurance.        Lt- Lieutenant.
Lfr- Laughter.              Ltr- Letter.
Lg- Long.                   Lu- Lieu.
Lgd- Longed.                Luk- Look.
Lgg- Longing.               Lux- Luxury.
Lgl- Legal.                 Lv- Leave.
Lgr- Longer.                Lng- Leaving.


Lvs- Leaves.                Mgr- Manager.
Lw- Law.                    Mgs- Manages.
Lw- Law.                    Mgs- Manages.
Lwf- Lawful.                Mh- Much.
Lwl- Lawless.               Mid- Midnight.
Lwr- Lawyer.                Mil- Military.
Lx- Pounds Sterling.        Min- Minute.
Lyg- Lying,                 Mir- Minister.
M- More.                    Mit- Might.
Mab- May be.                Mjt- Magistrate.
Mag- Magnificent.           Mjy- Majority.
Mah- Miles an hour.         Mk- make.
Maj- Major.                 Mkg- Making.
Mam- Mammoth.               Mkr- Maker.
Mar- March.                 Mks- Makes.
Mas- Massachusetts.         Mkt- Market.
Mat- Material.              Ml- Mail.
Max- Maximum.               Mld- Mailed.
Mbz- Mobilize.              Mlg- Mailing.
Mbzn- Mobilization.         Mls- Mails.
Mch- Machine.               Mlx- Malicious.
Mck -Mechanic.              Mlxy- Maliciously.
Mcl- Mechanical             Mm- Mid-meridian (12
Mcn- Mechanician.               o'clock midnight,
Mcy- Machinery.                 when the sun is
Md- Made.                       equidistant from
Mda- Monday.                    the meridian, or
Mdf- Modify.                    noon).
Mdfn- Modification.         Mmb- Memorable.
Mdg- Middling.              Mml- Memorial.
Mdl- Middle.                Mmy- Memory.
Mdm- Medium.                Mmz- Memorize.
Mdn- Moderation.            Mnf- Manifest.
Mdt- Moderate.              Mnfd- manifested.
Mdy- Moderately.            Mnfg- Manifesting.
Mdz- Merchandise.           Mnfn- manifestation.
Me- Maine.                  Mng- Morning.
Med- Mediterranean.         Mnm- Minumum.
Mem- Member.                Mnr- Manner.
Mf- Manufacture.            Mnv- Maneuver.
Mfd- Manufactured.          Mnx- Monotonous.
Mfg- Manufacturing.         Mny- Many.
Mfr- Manufacturer.          Mo- Month.
Mfs- Manufactures.          Med- Modern.
Mfy- Manfactory.            Mof- Matter of fact.
Mg- Manage.                 Mol- More or less.
Mgd- Managed.               Mom- Moment.
Mgg- Managing.              Momx- Momentous.
Mgm- Management.            Mon- Money.


Mos- Months.                Mut- Mutual. ---*
Moy- Monthly.               Muty- Mutually.
Mpc- Monopolistic.          Mux- Murderous.
Mpd- Manipulated.           Muy- Municipality.
Mpg- Manipulating.          Muys- Municipalities.
Mpn- Manipulation.          Mv- Move.
Mpon- Metropolitan.         Mvd- Moved.
Mpu- Maipulate.             Mvg- Moving.
Mpy- Monopoly.              Mvl- Moveable.
Mpz- Monapolize.            Mvr- Mover.
Mr- Mister.                 Mvs- Moves.
Mrd- Married.               Mw- Meanwhile.
Mrg- Mortgage.              Mx- Mix.
Mrj- Marriage.              Mxc- Maintenance.
Mrl- Marshal.               Mxd- Mixed.
Mrv- Marvel.                Mxg- Mixing.
Mrvx- Marvelous.            Mxn- Maintain.
Mry- Marry.                 Mxnd- Maintained.
Ms- Most.                   Mxng- Maintaining.
Msd- Missed.                Mxr- Mixer.
Msg- Missing.               Mxs- Mixes.
Msj- Message.               Myd- Maryland.
Msjr- Messenger.            Myn- Million.
Msk- Mistake.               Myr- Millionaire.
Mskn- Mistaken.             Mys-- Mystery.
Msn- Mission.               Myx- Mysterious.
Msny- Missionary.           N- Not.
Msp- Mississippi.           Na- Name.
Msr- Measure.               Nad- Named.
Msrd- Measured.             Nag- Naming.
Msrg- Measuring.            Mal- National.
Msrm- Measurement.          Nas- Names.
Mst- Must.                  Nav- Navigate.
Msy- Mostly.                Navn- Navigation.
Mt- Meet.                   Nb- Not be.
Mtg- Meeting.               Nbg- Not being.
Mtn- Mountain.              Nbh- Neighborhood.
Mtr- Matter.                Nbr- Neighbor.
Mts- Meets.                 Nbrg- Neighboring.
Mty- Materially.            Nc- Norch Carolina.
Mtz- Materialize.           Nct- Necessitate.
Mtzn- Materialization.      Ncy- Necessity.
Mu- Murder.                 Nd- Need.
Mud- Murdered.              Nfd- Needful.
Mug- Murdering.             Ndg- Needling.
Mun- Municipal.             Ndy- Needy.
Mur- Murderer.              Ne- New England.
Mus- Murders.	            Neb- Nebraska.


Nec- Necessary.             Nv- Never.
Neg- Negative.              Nvl- Nevertheless.
Nev- Nevada.                Nvx- Nervous.
Nf- Notify.                 Nw- Now.
Nfd- Notified.              Nwg- Notwithstand-
Nfg- Notifying.                  ing.
Nfk- Norfolk.               Nx- Next. ---*
Nfn- Notification.          Ny- New York.
Ng- Negotiate.              Nz- New Zealand.
Ngd- Negothiated.           O- Of.
Ngg- Negotiating.           Oa- Of a.
Ngn- Negotiation.           Oao- On account of.
Ngs- Negotiates.            Ob- Obtain.
Nh- New Hampshire.          Obc- Obedience.
Ni- Night.                  Obd- Obtained.
Nik- Nicaragua.             Obg- Obtaining.
Nj- New Jersey.             Obo- On behalf of.
Nl- Natural.                Obq- Obscure.
Nly- Naturally.             Obqd- Obscured.
Nlz- Naturalize.            Obqg- Obscuring.
Nlzn- Naturalization.       Obqy- Obscurity.
Nm- Nominate.               Obs- Obtains.
Nmd- Nominated.             Obt- Obedient.
Nme- Nominee.               Oc- O'clock.
Nmg- Nominating.            Oca- Occasion.
Nml- Nominal.               Occ- Occurrence.
Nmn- Nomination.            Ocd- Occasioned.
No- New Orleans, La.        Ocg- Occasioning.
Nor- Normal.                Ocl- Occasional.
Nov- November.              Oct- October.
Nr- Near. ---*              Ocu- Occur.
Nrv- Nerve.                 Ocud- Occurred.
Nry- Nearly.                Ocug- Occurring.
Nt- North.                  Ocy- Occasionally.
Ntc- Notice.                Od- Order.
Ntg- Nothing.               Odd- Ordered.
Ntn- Northern.              Odg- Ordering.
Ntr- Neither.               Ods- Orders.
Ntx- Notorious.             Ody- Orderly.
Nty- Northerly.             Ofc- Officer.
Nu- New.                    Ofd- Offered.
Num- Number.                Ofg- Offering.
Numd- Numbered.             Ofl- Official.
Numg- Numbering.            Ofn- Often.
Nums- Numbers.              Ofr- Offer.
Nup- Newspaper.             Ofs- Office.
Nus- News.                  Ofy- Officially.
Nux- Numerous.              Og- Organize.


Ogd- Organized.             Oss- Opposes.
Ogg- Organizing.            Ost- Opposite.
Ogl- Original.              Ot- Owing to.
Ogn Organization.           Otg- Outrage.
Ogs- Organizes.             Otgx- OUtrageous.
Ogt- On the ground          Otr- Other.
     that.                  Ou- Our.
Ogy- Originally.            Ov- Over.
Oh- Ohio.                   Ova- Ovation.
Oht- Ought.                 Ovb- Overboard.
Oj- Object.                 Ovm- Overwhelm.
Ojd- Objected.              Ovmd- Overwhelmed.
Ojg- Objecting.             Ovmg- Overwhelming.
Ojl- Objectionable.         Ovms- Overwhelms.
Ojn- Objection.             Ow- On which.
Ojs- Objects.               Owd- Owed.
Ojv- Objective.             Owg- Owing.
Oko- Of course.             Owz- Otherwise.
Om- Omit.                   Oz- Ounce.
Omd- Omitted.               P- Per.
Omg- Omitting.              Pa- Pennsylvania.
Omn- Omission.              Pab- Passed a bill.
Omo- On motion of.          Pac- Pacific.
Oms- Omits.                 Pacn- Pacification.
Ond- Owned.                 Pag- Paying.
Onr- Owner.                 Pam- Pamphlet.
Ont- Ontario. ---*          Pap- Paper.
Op- Opportunity.		    Paps- Papers.
Opd- Opened.                Pat- Patent.
Opg- Opening.               Pau- Pause.
Opn- Opinion.  (Spell       Pb- Probable.
     out "Open.")           Pbg- Pittsburg.
Opr- Operator.              Pbm- Problem.
Ops- Opportunities.         Pbty- Probability.
Opt- Opponent.              Pby- Probably.
Opu- Opportune.             Pc- Percent.
Oq- Eccupy.                 Pcb- Practicable.
Oqd- Occupied.              Pcd- Proceed.
Oqg- Occupying.             Pcdr- Procedure.
Ojn- Occupation.            Pcdg- Proceeding.
Oq- Occupies.               Pch- Purchase.
Oqt- Occupant.              Pchhd- Purchased.
Oqy- Occupancy.             Pchg- Purchasing.
Ory- Ordinary.              Pci- Percentage.
Os- Oppose.                 Pcl- Practical.
Osd- Opposed.               Pcn- Procession.
Osg- Opposing.              Pcp- Participate.
Osn- Opposition.            Pcpd- Participated.


Pcpn- Participation.        Pf- Prefer.
Pcpt- Participant.          Pfc- Preference.
Pct- Precipitate.	        Pfd- Preferred.
Pctd- Precipitated.         Pff- Plaintiff.
Pctg- Precipitating.        Pfg- Preferring.
Pctn- Precipitation.        Pfk- Perfunctory.
Pcts- Precipitates.         Pfky- Perfunctorily.
Pcu- Preclude.              Pfl- Preferable.
Pcud- Precluded.            Pfly- Preferably.
Pcug- Precluding.           Pfm- Perform.
Pcus- Precludes.            Pfn- Perfection.
Pcv- Perceive.              Pfsl- Professional.
Pcvd- Perceived.            Pfsn- Professoin.
Pcy- Practically.           Pftd- Perfected.
Pd- Paid.                   Pftg- Perfecting.
Pdc- Precedence.            Pfu- Profuse.
Pdd- Preceeded.             Pfun- Profusion.
Pde- Precede.               Pfuy- Profusely.
Pdg- Preceding.             Pfy- Perfectly.
Pdk- Predict.               Pg- Progress.
Pdkd- Predicted.            Pgd- Progressed.
Pdkg- Predicting.           Pgg- Progressing.
Pdkn- Prediction.           Pgh- Paragraph.
Pdm- Predominate.           Pgm- Programe.
Pmd- Predominated.          Pgn- Progression.
Pdmg- Predominating.        Pgr- Passenger.
Pdn- Production.            Pgs- Progresses.
Pdr- Predecessor.           Pgv- Progressive.
Pdt- Precedent.             Ph- Perhaps.
Pdu- Produce.               Pha- Philadelphia.
Pdud- Produced.             Phb- Prohibit.
Pdug- Producing.            Phbd- Prohibited.
Pdus- Produces.             Phbg- Prohibiting.
Pdut- Product.              Phbn- Prohibition.
Pdv- Productive.            Phc- Physic.
Pe- Principle.              Phcs- Physics.
Pedn- Pedestrian.           Phl- Physical.
Pem- Presented a me-        Phn -Physician.
     morial.                Phy --Physically.
Peny- Penitentiary.         Pip -Philippine.
Peo- People.                Pips- Phillippines.
Pep- Presented a pe-        Pj- Prejudice.
	      tition.           Pjd- Prejudiced.
Pes- Principles.            Pjg- Prejudicing.
Pet- Petition.              Pjl- Prejudicial.
Petd- Petitioned.           Pjn- Projection.
Petg- Petitioning.          Pjr- Perjure.