Suggested FM Repeaters

For Use when Traveling in L.A. or Escaping From It

By Dave AD7DB

Revised October 2, 2002

On the road again...

Travelling out of the area?

Even getting out of Los Angeles by car can be an adventure. The traffic varies, but there are always these little shortcuts that could save you from sitting half an hour in non-moving traffic. On the other hand, what better way to pass the time by ragchewing with the locals.

Never underestimate the power of 146.52 simplex! You might be amazed by how many fellow travelers you can dig up if you just come on and say you're listening! Some repeater users camp out on their own machines and won't talk to any visitors, but on .52, it can be very different. Try it and see.

There is a Travelers Repeater Directory published by Kevin Karamanos WD6DIH. (I'm not sure of the title, I'll have to verify it.) It's basically a specialized version of the other one he and N6BVU publish. He lists a selection of wide coverage machines and they are organized by highway. Now, I am not trying to undercut his directory here. Go to a local ham shop and take a look at it, it may be just what you want. Consider this page just another opinion, as all web pages are.

San Fernando Valley and three hours out. The guy who does the Southern Nevada list (Squeak, AD7K at AES in Las Vegas) uses a design philosophy of "Las Vegas and three hours each direction." That's a good benchmark, therefore I'm going to try the same thing here (within reason): San Fernando Valley and up to 3 hours out.

Here are some links to repeater information, depending on which way you're heading out of the Los Angeles area.

There are reasons why I don't have very much specific information on individual machines listed here:

Leaving L.A.

Eastward on I-10:

Westward on US-101:

Northward on I-5:

Northward on Hwy 14 and US-395:

Northeastward on I-15 and I-40:

Southward on I-5 or I-15:
I don't have any special recommendations for you. But there are a lot of machines in L.A. and Orange Counties that you can hit well. 145.22 (CLARA) and 145.09 (Catalina) are two popular ones. When you get into San Diego County you can pick up others. Here's some to try:

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