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If you want to Telnet from this page, you must have your Browser configured to bring up Telnet. If you are using Netscape, go to the Menu Bar and click on Options/General Preferences/Applications and fill in the Telnet space with the path to your Telnet Application, eg: c:\internet\telnet\telnet.exe
Due to Computer Network difficulties, there will be times that some of these Telnet sites will not work. You can use most any password at these sites. The password is not validated.

If you TELNET to the Packet Cluster, this is the program for you!! Windows based Telnet Program for DX Packet Cluster users!
DXTelnet by IK4VYX Version 5.0

Click on Icon above for DXTelnet Download Page at ADXA

KN4F Memphis, TN.
Login with Callsign
type "dxc"
N7TR, Reno, Nevada
Login with Your Callsign
Type "dxc"
N8OJ, Marietta, OH
Login with Your Callsign
& Password
KA9Q, Alanson MI
Login with Your Callsign
Type "dx"
PI4CC, Netherlands
Login with Your Callsign
& Password
VA3NA-7, Canada
Login with Your Callsign
Type "c dxc"

KC5NYH, Fort Smith, Ark.
Callsign and Password
KC5NYH CLX Cluster

DX Cluster Directory

Telnet Sites by VE9DX

Asian (((DX))) Window - RAØFF

JA Cluster

Summit Cluster

Submit Your DX-Spots and Announcements to OH2AQ


Search DX-Spot Database at OH2AQ

Search string Search DXCALL ANY COLUMN
Band Max number of spots to show

Following links will bypass the Frames at OH2AQ


KQ4PL Telnet List

Telnet DX Cluster Directory

Telnet Access to DX Packets Clusters

Packet Cluster Command Reference

Spot Monitoring Software DXMON by VE3SUN
For use with OH2BUA/OH2AQ WebCLusters

Mega-DX Cluster View Spots from 2 Clusters at Once !

DX PacketCluster WebNet by AK1A Packet Cluster Encyclopedia

PI4COM QSL Mgr Database for DXCluster Software