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Welcome to the ADXA DXCC Information Center. We hope this New DXCC Listing will tell you everything you need to know about Current and Deleted Countries on the DXCC list. We think our list is like none other and it will be useful to all Hams . This list contains such things as: Prefix / Previous Prefix, Country Name, Continent, ITU/CQ Zones, GMT Time Offset, Lat/Long, current country notes, and deleted country notes. The are NO FOOTNOTES to click on and everything is self-contained for each country. It also has other prefixes and callsigns used by each country during contests and expeditions. We plan more added features in the future to make this list the BEST!

Until we have a Search script ready, simply click on EDIT in the Menu Bar of your Browser, and then click on FIND. Type in the Prefix you are interested in or just browse the list. You may also use our New Site Search but it may not work too well with Prefixes but should work with Country Names.

Please advise the Web Master of any missing or incorrect information or anything of interest we might add to the list.

Notes in RED are for Deleted Countries
Notes in BLUE are for Active Countries

ARRL OUTGOING BUREAU - NO = ARRL Outgoing Bureau will NOT forward QSLs to these countries
FIELD CHECK OK = Countires OK to be checked by ARRL Field Representatives
Arkansas Field Reps.

There are 334 Countries Active Countries

  • TX Chesterfield Is. ADDED 03/23/2000
  • 4W East Timor ADDED 03/01/2000
  • E4 Palestine ADDED 10/01/99
  • STØ Southern Sudan DELETED
  • H4Ø Temotu Islands ADDED
  • FO/A Austral Islands ADDED
  • FO/M Marquesas Islands ADDED

[1A-5Z] [6W-9Y] [A1-CY9] [D2-EZ] [F-GW] 

[H4-JZ] [K-OZ]  [P2-SY] [T2-VU7] [XE-ZS9]

Callsigns and Prefixes updated 03/03/1999

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An Excel spreadsheet listing one line for each DXCC country, This sheet provides Heading, distance and reciprocal heading for each country from any given location. Just plug in your long/lat and you will have a neat DXCC list and beam heading chart. Updated to include Temotu Is. No charge. Just e-mail to K7NO and recieve it back as an attachment (60K bytes)

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