Thanks to Stewart (KE5PO) for photos!
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Featured speaker Tom Christian, VP6TC autographing the book, 'Mutiny on The Bounty'

Tom lives on Pitcairn Island and is the G G G Grandson of Fletcher Christian, 1st mate of HMS Bounty who led the mutineers.

Sheri Christian, Tom's daughter, autographing the book 'Mutiny on The Bounty'
Ollie (W5GO), Earl (N5ZM), Frank (W5BPT), and Martin (W5HTY)
Lenny (K5OVC)
Dennis (W5RZ) and Ben
Frank (W5BPT)
Ollie (W5GO) and Earl (N5ZM)
Bernie (K3UR) with Tom (VP6TC)

Bernie publishes 'The Weekly DX Bulletin'.

Stewart (KE5PO), Andrew (KD5LJB),
Tom (VP6TC), and William (KD5MQC)

Andrew & William are Stewart's grandsons.

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