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Chat with other Dxers here OR
CQDX Chat Channel w/DX spots | instructions by N6RT

JAVA CHAT (Java Enabled Browser Required)

Welcome to ADXA Chat ! Please feel free to check here anytime for other DXers and stay as long as you like. This "DXER" Chat Room is only available from this ADXA Web Site. Please type in your Callsign as a "Nickname or Username" in the Form below. That is the only part of the form that is REQUIRED. After signing on, you will see a small window at the right side of the screen below with the Callsign of any other DXers that are already signed on. If no one is there, just hang around for a while and see who shows up. Type your comments into the Send window at the bottom of the screen.


NO - Abusive or Obscene Language, Racial slurs, suggestive comments ALLOWED in this Chat Room. If someone is being Obnoxious, just click on their Callsign or Username and then click IGNORE and you wont see them anymore. The ADXA does not have a Police Dept. so Please help us Police this Chat Room !

If you arent sure if your Browser is Java Enabled, you will see a note below

There may be times when this server is very busy which will cause the Chat Window to be slow in Loading. This is NOT a problem with our ADXA Server.


Sorry, but your browser is not Java enabled, and you will not be able to chat