Amateur Radio Station AC7EL

My name is Richard Grady. I am an amateur radio operator licensed by the United States with the call sign AC7EL. My license class is Amateur Extra, which is the highest class and confers full amateur privileges.

My home is in Pahrump, Nevada, U.S.A., about 60 miles (100 Km) west of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pahrump is in the Pacific Time Zone, UTC - 8 hours in the winter and UTC - 7 in the summer. (UTC is Universal Coordinated Time, a world time standard, and is approximately the time in Great Britain.)

Pahrump is in a hot dry desert, with summer daytime temperatures averaging 105 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celcius) and rainfall averaging 3 inches (7.5 cm) per year.

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Last updated: July 26, 2004.

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