The RST System

This is what means when you hear a signal report. Like some one saying your 5-9-9.
R.S.T. means Readability-Strength-Tone.

2-Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable.
3-Readable with considerable difficulty.
4-Readable with practically no difficulty.
5-Perfectly readable.
Signal Strength
1-Faint signals barely perceptible.
2-Very weak signal.
3-Weak signal.
4-Fair signal.
5-Better than fair signal.
6-Good signal.
7-Moderately strong signal.
8-Strong signal.
9-Extremely strong signal.
1-Sixty-cycle ac or less, very rough and broad.
2-Very rough ac, very harsh and broad.
3-Very rough ac tone, rectified but not filtered.
4-Rough note, some trace of filtering.
5-Filtered rectified ac but strongly rippled-modulation.
6-Filtered tone, definite trace of some rippled modulation.
7-Near pure tone, trace of ripple modulation.
8-Near perfect tone, slight trace of modulation.
9-Perfect tone.

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