How To Be A Queen Mary Operator

Operating from the Queen Mary is like being a DX station. If you like
to talk to tourists from all over the world, the Wireless Room, from
which W6RO operates, is the place to be. Any licensed amateur is eligible
and you don't even have to be a member of the Associated Radio Amateurs
of Long Beach, the sponsoring organization. All it takes is for you to
agree to operate at least four hours once a month.

It must be great fun because many of our operators drive as much as
50 miles to operate; and some have been doing so for more than 14 years!

Indoctrination for new operators is held in the Wireless Room every third Friday
from 1 to 4 PM. For further information, phone Bill Holder, W6TNB, at (310) 597-6544,
or Nate Brightman, K6OSC at (310) 427-5123. Please do not call after 7 PM. Advise
them of your intention.

73, Nate, K6OSC
---The ARALB Oscillator

This is W6RO, the radio station aboard the Queen Mary
in Long Beach, CA USA. The station is owned by the
Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach, Inc.
and is manned by volunteers from all over Southern California

The packet station consists of the following equipment:
Radio: YAESU FT-2700R, at 25 watts
TNC: AEA Pakratt 232mbx
Software: PkGold 9.04 from Interflex Software
Antenna: Isopole at about 150 Feet
Computer: IBM XT-2000 with 1 mb ram, 20 mb hard drive

Operators are usually present between 1700 until 0400 UTC (sometimes later)

Welcome to W6RO in the Wireless Room aboard the Queen Mary
docked in the harbor at Long Beach, California, USA.

We have an extensive ham shack that is manned by volunteers from
all over southern California on a daily basis between 1700 UTC
and 0500 UTC (9 AM through 9 PM local time) seven days a week.
If you would like to become a Queen Mary operator, type "//work"
after you are finished here.

The letter in parenthesis () indicates the station ID within W6RO

HF EQUIPMENT: (F) Kenwood TS-850S with a built-in tuner
(D) Kenwood TS-950S with a built-in tuner
(A) Yaesu FT-1000 HF Transceiver with built-in Tuner
(C) Icom IC-735 with an Icom AT-150 Antenna Tuner

HF ANTENNAS may be hooked to any rig at any given time, and include:

Cushcraft 20-15-10 Meter Beam with Alliance HD-73 Heavy Duty Rotor
40 Meter Inverted V Dipole.....80 Meter Inverted V Dipole
Cushcraft R7 Standard and WARC band capabilities

VHF/UHF EQUIPMENT: (H) Kenwood TM-241A Two Meter, with Cushcraft
ARX-2B Ringo Ranger II Antenna.
(G) Yaesu VHF/UHF FT-726R (2m-440-10m) Satellite
with Cushcraft AOP-1 Circular Polarized Ant.
and KenPro El-Az Dual Antenna Controller
(E) Yaesu FT-7400 440 Transceiver with
Cushcraft ARX-450B Antenna

PACKET STATION: (B) Yaesu FT-2700R Dual Band, AEA Iso-pole Antenna
AEA Pakratt 232mbx TNC
PkGold V9.4 from Interflex Software
IBM XT-2000 Personal Computer with
1 mb ram and a 20 mb hard drive.
Newer Computer! Than this one.
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