Programs to download

Ham Programs
Ham Programs (Shareware, Freeware, info., etc.) Some good Ham software here!    
Name (Download) Information OS Homepage
Grid (70,701 bytes) Find your gird by entering some latitude and longitude info. DOS, Windows 95/98, *NT* None
QRZ Files Section Big Ham software selection. Windows 3.1/9x, Mac, Unix, & Other

Utility Programs
Utility Programs (Shareware/Trials/Evaluation) Some good software here!    
Name (Download) Information OS Homepage
CuteFTP FTP client software. Windows Win9x/ME/NT/2000
WinZip 8.1 A very good compresion utility. Windows 9x/NT/XP
Paint Shop Pro download page. A good photo program. Windows 3.1 and 9x
Juno's download page. FREE e-mail. Windows 3.1/9x

Fun/Cool Programs
Fun Programs (Freeware) All programs here have been tested by me and scanned for viruses using McAfee and Pc-cillin. Use these programs at your own risk.    
Name (Download) Information OS Homepage
Neko 98 (68,250 bytes) Cat that chases your mouse. Windows 9x None
Saytime (1,152,565 bytes) A speaking clock. Windows 9x None
Clock (156,724 bytes) A clock I made does several stuff even U.T.C. Probably a good combination with Saytime. Windows 9x/NT 4+
CD Popout (6,322 bytes) A CD popout util. Pops out your CD drive from taskbar. Windows 9x/NT 4+
CD Popper v1 (23,053 bytes), v2 (46,534 bytes), and v3 (48,348 bytes). A CD poper that pops out the CD-ROM on a timer and makes the user think the computer is crazy. Click here for more info. Windows 9x/NT 4+
Fake Virus (14,796 bytes) A joke program that says that it is infecting your system files and application files then ends. Really get your friends by making them think you gave them a virus... Windows 3.1x/9x/NT 4
C+A+D Disable (2,703 bytes) Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del! Use this before some of the other programs and can make them twice as bad or more! Windows 9x/NT 4+
Ram (117,870 bytes) Ram(s) that do very COOL stuff (on your desktop). Windows None
Orange (62,662 bytes) Orange(s) that do very COOL stuff (on your desktop). Windows None
Kilroy (10,227 bytes) A guy that pops up on your screen out of no where. Windows None
Rats (204,639 bytes) Shoot the rat and watch it get even. Windows None
45 Magnum (33,493 bytes) Shoot bullet holes in your screen. Windows None
Doh-Doh (5,959 bytes) Exit this program. He-He. Windows None
Bad Day (1,761 bytes) Flip that screen upside down. Windows None
Prank (8,832 bytes) Have a worker on your screen? Doing what? Windows None
Meaning (81,889 bytes) What is the meaning of life? Windows None
Happy Fred (278,534 bytes) and X-Mas Fred (306,953 bytes) A cool screen mate. Windows

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