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Downey Amateur Radio Club (D.A.R.C.) Brunch 1997

Group Pic. #1 D.A.R.C. Brunch (8,335 Bytes)
Picture of Fried Heyn WA6WZO (Middle Left), Fried's wife Sandra Heyn WA6WZN (Middle Right), Larry KD6NZW (Top Left) and Larry's Dad (Bottom Right).
Group Pic. #2 D.A.R.C. Brunch (9,101 Bytes)
Picture of Lani KF6FTO (Bottom Left).
Demonstration (8,531 Bytes)
Demonstration (Guest speakers presentation).
D.A.R.C. Brunch Full Panorama View (18,300 Bytes).
Panorama view of the D.A.R.C. Brunch 1997.

Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club's (R.H.A.R.C.) Field Day 1996

R.H.A.R.C. Field Day (17,664 Bytes).
Bernie’s WB6ISR antenna & motor home Field Day 1996

Bakersfield Hamfest 1996

Bakersfield Hamfest 1996 (10,884 Bytes).
Bakersfield Hamfest 1996.
My trophy from the Bakersfield Hamfest 1996 (8,394 Bytes).
My youngest Ham trophy from the Bakersfield Hamfest 1996.
Lake Close (9,939 Bytes)
The lake/island with birds at Bakersfield Hamfest.

Pictures I made, took or received

3D Jared  AC6XI, Frog, And Radio (35,651 Bytes).
A picture I made. On the left is your webmaster Jared AC6XI. The middle is my pet Frog and on the right is my ham radio Kenwood 570D. The Frog is jumping out of my hands over the radio. On the radio is the freq. of my favorite net the Triple HHH Net. If you look at the picture just right the stuff might just come out at you. This picture was made by Lani KF6FTO (My Mom) and me (Jared AC6XI).
Jared  AC6XI's QSL card! (19,982 Bytes).
My QSL card.
I Took The CW Challenge! (7,289 Bytes)
I took the CW challenge! This is my COOL award.


This is the logo of the American Radio Relay League (A.R.R.L.) but usually seen in Black and White. The Biggest organization in Ham Radio.
A.R.R.L. Logo
Call district map (11,070 Bytes).
The A.R.R.L. call district map.

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