Jared AC6XI's Ham Biography.


The Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club nominated me for H.P.M.M. Award (Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award). This is a model of the document I sent in when running for the Young Ham of the Year award. I did not win. I modified this document so it is a little more updated.

Jared AC6XI my age is 16 years old but when I first became a Ham I was 14 years old. I first tested at Downey, Ca. for my Technician class license and passed my first time and it was issued on 2/23/96 and my first call sign was KF6BPM. Then 4 months later I tested at Downey again I took my General test and passed, also took the code test for my first time and passed 20 WPM. The F.C.C. issued my General class license on 6/19/96. Now that I have the 20 WPM I had the goal of passing my Extra class before my 15 birthday and it only gave me a little over 2 months to do it. I passed my advanced at Garden Grove with only one wrong. Then my parents tested at Garden Grove and passed the Technician class license. We all were issued licenses on 8/2/96. My new Advanced call sign was issued and it was KQ6IE. My mother Leilani was KF6FLV and my dad Craig is KF6FLW. I studied and went to be tested at Downey, Ca on 8/17/96 in plenty of time before my birthday 9/2/96 but they did not have enough Extra's to test me. My mom took her 5 WPM and passed and changed her call to KF6FTO a Tech. Plus. The next week we went on vacation so I couldn't test then. So the last weekend of August I passed my Extra at Culver City, Ca. with a 100%. Which I passed before my birthday but it was not issued until after my 15th. birthday. It was issued 9/5/96 and my new call sign is AC6XI. I did it all in 6 months from Non-Ham to Extra. Later my sister Tami went to test at Glendora and passed her Technician and her call sign is KF6GLR it was issued on the 9/24/96. I got my family to become Hams. My mother is now enjoying the amateur hobby and is the Sunshine lady for the RIO HONDO AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. Everyone in the family is a Ham except my 6 year old little brother.

My dad bought the book Now You Are Talking and set it on a shelf. So we did not know anything about Ham radio. So I read the book and told my mom I wanted to take this test. So I went to test at Downey, Ca and passed the test so I was the first Ham in the family. Not knowing much about Ham radio. I talked to Vi W6CBA , Don KA6DJK and Lisa KE6YDV and asked about clubs in the area and they all recommended the Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club. So I went to one of their general meetings and enjoyed it there and later on joined the club. The club got me more interested in Ham radio. I did not know about T-Hunts at all, but my first time I went on one, I won the T-Hunt. After the T-Hunt I decided to build an attenuator from a T-Hunting book. My parents at this time were Non-Hams. From the first time I went to the meetings I've been to every general meeting I wish to keep it that way. So far I have been to eight of the board meetings. I have been to a R.H.A.R.C. dinner. I've been to the R.H.A.R.C. Picnic. I've been to the R.H.A.R.C. Field day 1996 and 1997. Vi and Don were setting up an antenna for HF the day before Field Day I went with them to help set up an antenna. I've been to five of the R.H.A.R.C. Breakfasts. I ran for club President and came in second and I am a Associate Board member of the R.H.A.R.C. I helped bring 4 new members to the R.H.A.R.C. and get them interested in joining a club. I am made a brochure for the R.H.A.R.C. I wrote a Packet Introduction for the R.H.A.R.C. to put in their bulletin. I got a nice award from the R.H.A.R.C. I also went to the Downey's club's packet classes. I visited most of the local clubs in the area and I am a member of the Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club, Downey Amateur Radio Club, and Buena Park Amateur Radio Club. I enjoy all these club. They all are a lot of fun. I am also a member of the A.R.R.L and I like getting QST magazine. I've been to the Bakersfield club's Hamfest and won a trophy for youngest Ham at the Hamfest.

I do a Ham Radio web page on the internet. The title of my page is "Jared AC6XI's Ham Radio Home Page." I also do the "Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club's Home Page." The URL for my page is http://www.qsl.net/ac6xi and the URL for the R.H.A.R.C. page is http://www.qsl.net/rharc.

I used all A.R.R.L. License manuals to study for the examinations. What I used to study Morse code was a computer program by Code Quick. I wrote a letter to Code Quick and they used me in one of their ads. When I was studying for my Advanced class I had a little trouble with the math, but Tim KO6QQ and my dad Craig KF6FLW helped me with the math. Now I am studying for my General Radio Telephone Operator License and Ship Radar Endorsement. One of my goals is to pass the G.R.O.L. and Ship Radar test.

One of my real interests was to get on HF, now I have HF radio and it is really neat. I have my new QSL cards and am working on my W.A.S. award. I have 34 states confirmed in less than 2 months. I now have 49 states. I am proud of a QSL card from North Carolina that I got with QRP 5 watts. I've received four international QSL cards, two from Canada, one from New Zealand and one from Nauru. A QSL card from the Queen Mary is also prominent. I am trying to be an operator on the Queen Mary soon. Well, I am a Queen Mary operator now. I have worked the Rose Parade and waiting to hear from them (I have it :) ). I made a contact with a island in the Gulf of Mexico.

My father and I made a letterhead and fax letter head with my call-sign design on it. We made business cards. We made envelopes with my call-sign on it in color. We bought really nice looking paper to put my letters on. We also had a stamp made with my callsign on it.

At California High School in Whittier I made honor role for 9th grade I had a grade point average of 3.67 that is all A's except two B's. I made student of the month twice for wood shop and math. In drafting 1 last year I got a B. I am taking Drafting 2 and I am using Autocad 12 on the computers. I also ask my teacher if I can buy Autocad 12 for my computer and he gave me a letter and we drove 40 miles to buy Auotcad 12 for students ( Autocad student version ). It also comes with 4 different type of programs for drafting. In drafting 2, I got an A as a grade and a O in citizenship. I am also taking Algebra in school and I got a B. In Science, I got an A. In P.E., I got an A. I have a total of 9 awards for my 9th grade Freshman year. For my 11 grade year I am taking Geometry, Arch. 1, Biology, Spanish, U.S. History, and English. I am getting a B in Arch. 1.

We decided to upgrade my computer from a 486, 33 MHz to a Pentium 586, 150 MHz. I changed the Mother Board in the computer. I also helped my father put a 2.1 Giga byte slave hard drive in the computer. I changed the CD ROM from 4x to a 12x and the video games now run a lot better. I learned a lot about computers by doing this. We also made another computer out of nothing. We bought everyting and put it together. Now we have a new Pentium 586, 133 MHz.

A project my dad thought would be a good for me to learn was working on cars. He bought me a Meyer Manx Dune Buggy a Volkswagen that is cut down in length the body removed and a fiber-glass body attached. It was all faded and needed a paint job, motor needed to be rebuilt, transmission-transaxle checked out, new clutch, new wiring, new gauges, carpet, and new seats. My dad had me rebuild the engine, sand and cover up some holes with fiberglass and repaint the whole Dune Buggy.

Along with Amateur Radio I have several hobbies that I enjoy.Camping and hiking rates very high in our family things to do together. I also like to go rock hounding. I like to cut, grind, and shape rocks into something nice. I enjoy Motorcycle rides with my father around town and we even went to Sequoia National Forest on our Honda Goldwing. I like to draw. I drew pictures of animals on my churches kids room. I also like to do my Internet web page.

Amateur Radio is something that I will enjoy the rest of my life and I am very enthusiastic to be a part of it! I have an E-Mail address [email protected].

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