1973 Chevrolet Chevelle

  Bought for $800 with a motor in cardiac arrest.  It was totally frozen with a spun main bearing.  Someone ran the motor with no oil and water.  The transmission got so hot that the oil in it was discolored.   It has 13,608.45 original miles...it was really miss treated for that many miles!   The car was lowered to about three inches off the ground and the bottom was scraped up and had some descent holes and dings in it...  The car was lowered by someone taking something very hot such as a torch and heating the springs up really hot so they collapse.

  Its been polished, ported, balanced, blue printed, decked, align honed/bored, relieved, hypertec coated pistons, 4 bolt main, forged steel crank, TH-350 (B & M Transkit), roller rockers, 6 angle valve job, 1:6 ratio, comp. cam, Auburn high performance limited slip differential, 3:42's, boxed in upper trailing arms, Lakewood ladder bars, 3-5" raise over stock in back, front and rear sway bar, MSD ignition, Holley 650 double pumper, performer RPM manifold, Hooker headers, 8" harmonic balancer, windage tray, copper gaskets, high volume water pump, high volume oil pump, 2 stage glass packs, dual exhaust, covered hoses, very little rust almost everything's painted and a lot more.  Several new parts!  I personally polished the transmission, manifold, alternator and a collector tube for the air conditioning.

  I am also doing a little Chevelle model that I picked up for 25 dollars at a local auto parts store...that's right a auto parts store.   Who would think you would find a Model Chevelle at a auto parts store.  I could not find any Chevelle's of my year at any Hobby store and they even looked in their catalogs and could not find any Chevelle around my year.  It is not exactly the same as my year Chevelle but a little Bondo can work wonders!  I think I can get it too look 95 or so percent like my Chevelle.

  So I picked this as my senior project in school since I think it would be a great wide learning experience.  I am not totally finished with it but it will be looking like the greatest street/hot rod around when I get done...=)

  I picked some pictures out that I took.  I have not finished it so there will be more to come!  I hope you enjoy them for now...:o)  Best viewed at 800x600 and these images are scanned for nice quality.   These are thumbnails (click on them to see a bigger view).

Ungly Engine!

Motor from passenger view when we first got the Chevelle.

Front view of ugly engine!

Motor from front view when we first got the Chevelle.

Old ugly engine side view!

Motor from passenger side when we first got the Chevelle.

Cleaned up!

Motor and Transmission out of there and sand blasted and cleaned of oil and grease.

Yellow Painted!

Just after we painted the yellow in the engine compartment..

Under View!

A bottom drivers side view under the Chevelle with no motor or trans in it.

Top view down! Sanded and ready!

Sanded and primered frame ready for painting.

Red painted!

The painted frame...

Both red and yellow painted!

All the taping and plastic covering off and a all view out come!

Side view and primered!

Right after it was primered...a ugly look!

Side view of it sanded.

Sanded frame and ready for painting from the right view!

Red and yellow painted!

The out come of it from the right view!

Sanded under the car!

A view of the sanded and primered Chevelle from the bottom!

Sanded and white primered!

Primered white frame so it don't rust why we paint the yellow.

Under the car and looking good!

The total painted Chevelle...looking good!

Weld hole!

A hole in the floor.  Cut square for easy welding.

Welding done!

The welding of sheet metal on the floor and it is hard as rock.

Wow!  Where's the weld?

Ground the welding and can hardly see the welding.

Primered frame in wheel well!

Primered frame in the wheel well.   Drivers side view.

Sanded wheel well.

Sanded frame..and ready for painting.

Painted wheel well.

Painted frame.  Looks good!

Primered ugly wheel well!

The primered white frame and getting ready to sand the wheel wells.  Dirty job.

Sanded wheel well.

Sanded wheel well...nice!


Sanded and primered wheel well and frame.

Engine side view!

350 V8 motor ready to put together!

Engine side view!

Motor pistons, timing chain cover, crank, cam, gears and oil pan put on.

Engine top view!

A side top view of the motor.  See the good looking pistons!

Transmission start!

Just started to sand on the transmission.

Tran 2 pic

Grounded the ridge in the center off.

Tran 3 pic

Polished a little more on it...

Tran 4 pic

And a little more...=)  Starting to look good?

Durty Grease Rear End!

Oil rusty rear end.

Rear End 2!  Looking better!

Nice first coat on rear end...

Rear End Finished!

Finished final coat on the rear end.

Model Chevelle!

Model when first bought.

Model Chevelle 2

Sanded paint off, spoiler and hood locks.

Model Chevelle 3

Bondoing it up!

More To Come!!!  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments about this street/hot rod.

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