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Welcome to my web site!

This is my Amateur Radio Web site.  Feel free to browse about.  

I have had an amateur radio license since September of 1994.  I started with a Technician license and upgraded to Amateur Extra by May of 1995.  The element 1C was the hardest for me but practice paid off and I managed to pass the test on the second try.   

Amateur Radio, My Hobby

If you are interested in getting involved with Ham Radio, You can find information at the ARRL site and also, the W5YI site. Both groups are Volunteer Examiner Coordinators. There is likely one or both of these groups giving tests in your area. The Fort Smith Area has testing by both groups. If you have a call sign and want to find out a name or you have a name and think they have a call sign, Check out Arkansas University Call Sign Server or QRZ.

I am interested in building equipment and the QRP-L  mailing reflector is a good tool to keep up with the happenings in the QRP community. This reflector generates 50 to 100 messages a day however.  A mail program with filtering capability is almost a necessity.  A digest version is also available.

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