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What is AB6BR? AB6BR is my ham radio callsign. For more on ham radio see my ham radio section below and visit the ARRL. The Hayward Radio Club

SBARA -- South Bay Amatuer Radio Association

Baker to Vegas 120 mile relay race

TAPR -- Tuscon Amater Packet Radio

ARRL -- American Radio Relay League

SAREX -- Shuttle Amatuer Radio EXperiment

Northern California Packet ssociation


I play racketball atSchoeber's Athletic Club Sport in Fremont, Ca.

I use to play racketball atClub Sport in Fremont, Ca.

Snow Skiing

John Foss "Uni-Cyclone"

The Unicycling Page

California MUni Weekend Mountain UNIcycling


Water Skiing

Waterski pictures

Bicycle Trails Counsel East Bay

Mountain Biking


Juggling pictures

Castro Valley Jugglers Association

Juggling Information Service

Stanford Court Jugglers

The Flying Karamazov Bros.


California Airways. Where I rent airplanes.

The Hayward Airrace. Check out the 1997 & 2001 Scores!

U.S. Certificated Airports

Navaid NFDC Home Page

SR-71 Blackbirds

AirNav: Navaid Information

FAA-info user's guide

Pilots Hangar

Airshow: California, USA Index

Total Solar Eclipse of 2002 December 04

Solar Eclipses: 1991-2030

Chabot Observatory & Science Center

Dale Ireland's Astronomy Page

Bad Astronomy Page

Bakersfield College Astronomy Page

For information on calculating sunrise/sunset search the web for the "Equation of Time"


Castro Valley Weather


Future Space Shuttle Missions

Mars Pathfinder Mission - Home Page

Mars Global Surveyor

NASA Watch


Gardown A utility to upload/download data with Garmin GPS's

The Lane A. Holdcroft (Unofficial) Garmin GPS.

Coordinate Conversions


BHS 32 bit download center

Peter Bennett's FTP directory

Tony's Cougar

My Work

I worked for Compuware Corp from March 1989 to March 2002 as a software engineer on XPEDITER/CICS and XPEDITER/xchange. The Turkey CEO laid me and 40 others off because we didn't live in the Detroit Michign area.

The Calendar FAQ

I used to play on the Compuware softball team "Eco Fools" on Wednesday nites at Twin Creeks sports complex in Sunnyvale, Ca.


CICS Worldwide User Forum - Home Page



Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise Moonset Calculations

I had Lasik on November 27, 2001. I did not turn out 20/20 but it was much better than before. On March 20, 2002 I had an "enhancement" performed. I am now 20/20 on the left and 20/25 on the right one month after the procedure. Lasik looks like a hard thing to experience but in reality it is much harder to watch than to have it done on youself. One year later I am 20/30 and appear stable.

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