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AB4OJ/VA7OJ's Home Page

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At Dayton 2009.
Adam Farson
Retired Telecom Engineer
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
In Memoriam: George T. Baker, W5YR
Hobbies and activities
Amateur Radio - callsigns AB4OJ, VA7OJ
First licensed as ZS1ZG in 1962
HF: 80 through 10 metres SSB/CW
6m: SSB/FM
2m/70cm: FM
View my current shack

My first rig. Click for "First Steps in Amateur Radio."

Feature links
FUNKAMATEUR - das Magazin für Funk - Elektronik - ComputerFUNKAMATEUR - the German radio, electronics and computer magazine.
Icom IC-7300. Click for Icom Page. Yaesu Quadra. Click for Quadra Page. Click for ARRL Website. Click for IRLP site.
Other activities
Music - anything from the 3rd to the 19th century
Maintaining a home and garden (a full-time job!)
Computers & Internet
Running a small Win7/Win10 intranet
Website design 

Internet stuff
Download some neat goodies!
In Memoriam, 18.12.2012 - 27.10.2019

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