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This page is intended for the purpose of providing my QSL information.

I've been a ham since 1982 and fairly active on Vhf/Uhf. My wife Maria is also licenced as  N4XUW. My primary interests lie in the technical aspect of amateur radio with computing being a large part of the hobby.

My Station consists of a HyGain TH3MK on a 50' Aluma tower. The main Rig is an Icom 751 barefoot. Ironically, the station now has an unbalance of more computers and less radios! A sign of the times...

I Have a Dalmatian dog named Diamond.

My Station is listed as :

From the QRZ call Book:

Callsign:                      AB4OD

Name:                         CLAUDIO A LEIVA

Addr1:                         20150 NW 57 CT

Addr2:                         MIAMI FL 33015

Country:                       USA

Class:                          Extra

Effective:                     02 May 1989

Expires:                       02 May 1999

Prev Call:                     N4GKL

Location:                      25.940 N 80.315 W  Dade County

Email:                           [email protected]

Picture:                         ab4od.gif

The best place to find me on HF is on the weekends arround 5 to 6 PM on 21.240. I may be speaking spanish but please do call anyway.

Thank you for visiting, your sig hr is always 599 599 599 ... ALWAYS

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