Caribbean DX vacation #4 Dec'05-Jan'06

ZF2CJ & AB2RF/6Y5 Summary

Thank you for calling and working me on these DXpedition.
Here I would like to summarize on these operations and comment on
my DXpedition policy.

1. ZF2CJ

Operated from ZF1A club shack by the courtesy of ZF1EJ, Andrew.
This club shack is actually in the property of Andrew located in Savannah,
south central seaside of Grand Cayman.

This facility has just antenna and operating room. So you need to bring in
all the equipment including power supply, tuner and linear amp if required.

I stayed in Comfort Suites on 7 miles beach in the north east side of the
island and drove to the shack every early morning.

The antenna system is 17ele logperiodic, C3 & Pro66 yagi and 80m Inv.V &
160 Inv.L..

The 17 ele logperiodic is actually a killer on top of 30m airport tower and
I used this all the time for 40-10m.

The 80m Inv.V from the 30m tower was also nice but 160m Inv.L had no good
SWR and was used for receiving antenna for 80m operation.

Overall QSO # was 3,100 for 5 day operation as summarized in ZF & 6Y results
page. I'm quite satisfied with digital mode and JA QSO #s which I prioritized.

2. AB2RF/6Y5

Operated from 6Y5WJ, Josh's shack with guest bed room and meal service.
(breakfast & dinner which was so nice for me with Jamaican style)

Josh's house is located on the top hill of Malvern at 2,300ft above sea level.

The antenna system is 5 band Cubical Quad for 20-10m and G5RV for 80-40-30m.

Josh and Jenny(XYL) kindly put up the semi clankup tower after my arrival even
at night. Thank you both for the effort.

From here 80m operation was so nice as there was almost no noise to copy
JAs by the grayline path.

The CQ was also nice with very flat SWR < 1.2 all the bands through.

Overall the condition for EU was not so good and there may be things left for
EU digital modes.

But there should be many DXpedition by EU Dxers coming up and I would like to
leave these job to them.

28 Dec '05 - 2 Jan '06
Grand Cayman IOTA: NA 016 GL: EK99

total: 3,100 QSOs

2-5 Jan '06
Jamaica IOTA: NA097 GL: FK17
AB2RF/6Y5 total: 1365QSOs


3. My DXpedition policy

#1 DXpedition is a serious project to offer new DXCC/band/mode to as many
stations as possible.

#2 You need to read propagation by LUF/MUF/Grayline, SSN, etc. and challenge
for the maximum QSO # and farthest path.

#3 To achieve this, you need to operate as long as possible and well consider
when to eat and sleep without losing important path.

#4 Please try on digital modes(RTTY/PSK) as much as possible. Especially on
PSK please stay on the freq at least 30min as it could take some time to find
you after DX cluster spot.

#5 There should be no DX vacation as you will be in one of the rare entities
with high demand for DXCC/band/mode.

#6 Please encourage non-active local stations to operate more by informing them
how their entity is wanted especially on digital modes.

#7 After the DXpedition, please set up online log/LoTW/eQSL and order QSL asap.
Your total performance will be evaluated also on how you handle these promptly.

I believe these are key points for DXpedition.

If you disagree, well, please lie on a nice Caribbean beach with coktails and
enjoy spare time operation from time to time.
I 'm also chasing such free style DX operation and enjoy calling from NY to make
them recognize our needs. hi hi

Thank you all for calling & working me. CU AGN from other Caribbean Is!

Special comment on my DX policy
Is DX only for big guns?

No I don't think so. There should be many stations with modest
antenna setting due to unavoidable restrictions .. no tower, etc.
So I will try to pick up as many weak stations as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation ... big guns.

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