Caribbean DX vacation #3 November'05

IOTA: NA104 GL: FK87
23-24 Nov. St. Kitts / 25-26 Nov. Nevis


Windfall operation by Hurricane

Due from Hurricane Wilmer's aftermath, we could not go to Cuncun for family vacation.
Thus I proposed altanate destination to St. Kitts & Nevis which was approved by family
board fortunately.

Target and plan

V4 is rare entitiy on RTTY especially for JAs (AA5AU wanted survey 2005: 21st 48.1%).
So I concentrated on RTTY as much as possible.

I thought operation from hotel room balcony with portable equipment had limitation so
requested Earl Francis, V44NEF in Nevis for my guest operation from his shack.
I could contact him in advance and he kindly accepted this request.



Kenwood TS-480 (200w)
Yaesu FT-100 (100w/backup but not used fortunatelty)
SGC MAC-200 (autotuner/200W)


Buddipole ( 40-10m portable dipole on tripod )
Super antenna YP-2 ( 2ele, but there was no space for 2 element setup hi. )


11/23-24 Marriott Hotel, St. Kitts
11/25-26 Four Seasons Hotel, Nevis
11/26-27 V44NEF Shack in Nevis


Total 1,257 QSOs including 195 RTTY (84 JA RTTY QSOs).

V47/AB2RF All QSOs Total: 1,257(below + MM 1)


Thank you all for calling and working me.

There was a cluster comment that the signal was so weak but please see the balcony dipole
in the V4 Photos page and you can understand the difficulty to make good signal form there.
Still I would call this a success on 500 QSOs with EUs on CW/RTTY from such setting.

Highlight is 80+ RTTY JA QSOs from V44NEF Earl's shack in this low sunspot period.

I would like to ask DXers arranging Caribbean DXpeditions to keep attention to JA opening
for 21-00Z on high bands and 8-12Z on low bands.

With special thanks to Cap. Earl Francis, V44NEF to make this micro DXpedition possible.

FB DX 73 de Kan, AB2RF

V4 Photos

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