Knowing that all  Dxers and contesters   like to keep abreast of new operating  techniques as well as new advancements in technical areas, the Top 100 is a Compendium of the  Best Selling ham radio books in the last decade have been listed below for your continuing education. All can be recommended by the Editor of this newsletter as worthy additions to your library.

  How to Locate Gay Hams at a Hamfest
          By Ben Dover

      How to Make That Vertical Talk!
         By Ray D. Alls

      Integrity and QSL Bureau Workers
         By Will U. Steele

     The Flea Market Motto:"Of Course, It   Works!"
       By Heywood U. Cheatum

    This is with the Processor In!
      By Emma Annie  Louder

    Operating High Power RF Amps
       By Len E. Orr

     Sexual Harrassment of YLís  in Flea   Markets
       By Ophelia Butts

   Romeoís Story: "Country Boundaries Are
   Hard to Find!"   By Ben Close

     Hemorrhoids and the Contest Operator
        By "Red" B. Hines

    Radials Make Verticals Work!
        By Will Barrymore

   Why R.L. Drake Left the Amateur Market
        By Ken Woods

How to Market Inferior Equipment in the Midst of a Recession
     By M.F. Jay

Why I Like the No Code Ham License
   By Cantwright D. Morse (de K0CS)

 Paying  for Dayton with Plastic
   By I.O. Lotts

How to Troubleshoot Homebrew Amps
   By U.C. Black

Thereís Something Wrong with My Signal?
   By Audie O. Ruff

How to Make Sure your Tower Will Stay Up!
   By Guy Wyer

Hitchhiking to Dayton
   By Darren Rider

What Hara Arena Needs Desperately!
   By Minnie Moore Johns

Using Dissimilar Metals on Antennas and Grounds
              By Wyatt Rusts

Running Broadcast Band Amps on 160
   By Riley Strong

The Key to High Rates in Contests
   By Colin Moore

Why Homebrew Amp Builders Keep Reloads
   By Justin Case

What You Do When You Canít Copy a Report
   By Fay Kitt

Calling Those 800 Numbers in QST
   By Chase N. Sales

Climbing Towers Without Safety Belts
   By May B. Chancey

Digging Holes for Tower Bases in the Ozark Mountains
 By Chip N. Stone

How I Spent the Dayton Weekend
   By Miles Walken

Buying Used Equipment with No Warranty
   By Ben Hadd

How to Remove Old Tower Bases
   By Jack Hammer

Scandinavian Walkie Talkies
   By Hans Held

Operating Traits of 20 Meter Dxers
    By Bea N. Rude

Why I Dupe Dxpedition Stations
   By Al B. Shure

How to Reach the DXCC Honor Roll
   By Lon Gevity

How to Make that Tribander Talk!
   By Moore Rohn

 The Dreaded Comment: "Not in the Log"
   By Wong Coll

Why I Always Get Disqualified in Contests
   By Minnie U. Neeks

Why Young Hams Go To YL Conventions
   By Seymor Butts

Turning Big Antenna Arrays in the Wind
   By Roe Tate

Going to the Liarís Net After a Contest
   By R.F. Bull

Burying Radials in Arkansas is Tough
   By Rocky Fields

Friendly YLís Iíve Met on Dxpeditions
   By Oliver Clothesoff

My Dayton Money is Burning a Hole in my Pocket
   By Holden Cash

How to Bust Pile Ups
   By Moe Watts

The Advantages of Crank Up Towers
   By Les Klimbing

The Real Key to Winning Radio Contests
   By Ima Young

Major League Baseball and Digital Communications
   By Kirby Packett

The Disadvantages of Drinking Beer While Contesting
     By I.P. Lotts

How to Prevent Rust
   By Galvin Nize

Why Personal Hygiene Is Important at Multi-Op  Stations
By Eureka O. Doors

How to get Rare Multipliers in Contests
   By Hunt Moore

Spark Gap Transmitters and Crystal Receivers
   By Ann Teaks

Why Old Timers Canít Climb Towers
   By Arthur Wrightus

Whatís the Best Kind of Antenna Hardware
   By Stan Les Steele

How Did Water Get in My Coax?
   By Lee King

How to Guarantee the Continued Growth of Ham Radio
    By Moe Cummin and Les Goin

Who Cares About the FCCís New RF Exposure Rules
      By X.S. Watts

"Youíre a Dupe!"
   By Dunn B. Fore

What Bored Dxers Become
   By Count T. Hunter

Some Operators Act Like They Are Possedded
   By Bill Z. Bubb

Operating From Your Car Can Be Fun
   By Moe Beale

How to Measure Small Inductance
   By Mike Roe Henry

Why Band Switches Fail
   By Dusty Riggs

Being Physically Fit  Builds Endurance for Contesters
  By Jim Shorts

The ARRL Forum at Dayton
   By Barry Boring

Sending CW with Both Hands
   By Amber Dextrus

Hang Gliding from Tall Towers
   By Joy Ryder

What DX Reflector on the Internet Needs Most
   By Les Whinning

The High Accuracy of Computer Log Checking for Contests
  By B. Ware

My Rotor Needs a What?
   By Steele Geer

Important Advice for Newcomers to DX
   By Les N. Moore

Porcelain Is Still Best
   By Enso Laytor

Your Mother-in-Law as an Azimuth Girl at Dayton
   By Les A. Peeling

Ten Tecs Are Just As Good As Jap Rigs
   By N.V. Kenwood

Vibroplex or Bencher:Which Is Better?
   By C.W. Keys

Why I Keep Failing the License Exam
   By I. Reed Little

Bandpass Tuning to Avoid QRM
   By I.F. Shifts

The Frustration of Operating DX Contests From Zero Land
  By Kenya Ever Winn

Storage Places for Old Radio Equipment
   By Dusty Attucks

Standard Frequency Increments
   By Meg A. Hertz

The Key to a Successful Multi-Op Station
   By Cole Coors

It Can Cause RFI
   By Rusty Wyer

Contesting and Junk Food
   By Ima Broadbottom

An Alpha For Sale Cheap!
   By E.Z. Cash

Tall Towers & High Power
   By I.B. Louder

How to Measure Power Output Accurately
   By Getta Bird

New Competition for Kenwood, Yaseu & Icom
   By A. Lynn Coe

Why "Doctor DX" Didnít Sell
   By Art T. Fishal

I Made the Honor Roll  in One Weekend!
   By Justin Dreems

Working Out Before Contests Builds Stamina
   By Skip Roper

Why I Failed the FCC Exam Six Times
    By Ima Duntz

When Dxpeditions Ask for QRPp Only
   By Will U. Coll

I Like Receiving Antennas Long and Low!
   By Bev Ridge

Controlling Gain of Receivers
   By A.G. Cee

Reprinted from the Kansas City DX Club newsletter, the KC DX News.
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