"You Know You Have Done Too Much Contesting When"

from the Kansas City DX Club Newsletter, April 1995

"You Know You Have Done Too Much Contesting When..."

 ... you carefully ponder whether to buy braces for your daughter or buy that second Alpha!

 ... on Monday morning after a contest you tell your secretary "Roger, QSL! QSL!"

 ... you climb a 100' tower in the middle of a thunderstorm in the dark to get a stuck rotator off Japan"

 ... the kids are fighting and you yell for them to stop all that QRM!

 ... you send the XYL and kids to a motel the weekend of the CQWW Contest.

 ... your personal calendar has all the major contests on it, but you forget your anniversary nearly every year!

 ... you train your XYL to say you're out of town when the neighbors complain about RFI.

 ... you convince your wife that a vacation to zone 2 during November would be fun!

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