NASA Select.

No special equipment to purchase!

Amateur Radio Operators are permitted to retransmit the NASA video during shuttle missions. AATV no longer transmits the live shuttle video on W7ATV/R. Due to the location of the repeater and the wide valley coverage, many hams and non-hams alike enjoyed watching the action from space. Although we could "drop the video" to allow someone to test and tune, it was normally up as long as the astronauts are "up". (except for net times.).

You would have tuned your TV to cable channel 57.

left the set tuned for cable and in place of your cable connection simply used an outside UHF TV antenna pointed toward Shaw Butte, in the North Mountain Preserve. (approx Central - 19th Ave. and Cactus).

You would have gotten better performance if you oriented your antenna so that the elements are vertical rather than the customary horizontal used with commercial broadcast television.

Of course, the higher your antenna is, the better chance you would have had receiving a good picture.

We hope you got a chance to watch during the programs activity 


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