Arizona Amateurs on Television Inc [AATV] is the largest and oldest ham TV club in Arizona. The group started informally with just a handful of experimenters in 1979 and has been rapidly growing ever since. In the early days we were limited to simplex operation. Now we have two repeaters, W7ATV/R. The first located on Shaw Butte in the North Mountain Preserve. The second on the White Tank mountains West of Phoenix. The repeater frequencies are listed on the opening page of this website.

We operate a net each Wednesday and Sunday evening at 7:30pm with two meter FM voice on 146.84 (-) pl tone 162.2. The Video Repeater transmits over a wide area of the valley on 421.25 (cable channel 57).

Although the video combines subcarrier audio, we usually simulcast audio on the two meter voice repeater in the event that there are check-ins who are not on ATV or are unable to access the video repeater.

We welcome new members to our club. We hold monthly meetings, usually on Sunday at 1:00 PM MST at 6101 W Michelle Dr, Glendale, AZ 85308. The exact date and time  can be found on the "Calendar" page on this website.

We are considering establishing an ATV oriented hamfest in the future and may perpetuate it yearly. As things develop they will be posted here.

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