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Dedicated to Harold H. Beverage, other radio Pioneers and fellow enthusiasts with a BIG yard.

My 160 meter vertical.. 80 Ft Shunt feed, top loaded.


 Harold H. Beverage PAGE..........( many photos, maybe slow loading )
Beverage Antenna Design............( If you have the space for it )

Inverted"L" info

 AC6V's Great Ham Page

 G5RV antenna spec's and info

 Nordic Shortwave Center

 AA3SJ's QRP Page

Tip's and Tricks Antenna Construction Info from readers !


( Please E-MAIL me with your Construction Tips and Tricks for posting! )

Interesting places to see

 AM broadcast history site (very nice)

 Longwave page

 Nikola Tesla page , Check this out !!!!!

 Weather info Observed at

Click for Catawissa, Pennsylvania Forecast

 Excellent NOAA Weather Site

 Satellite images


If you have any questions, comments, would like to add a link to this page, or help. Please contact me :

aa3px at localnet dot com


 PLEASE CHECK BACK . Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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